New schedule and Update

R started nights on his job, which means he was working from 10pm til 6am. He went on job interviews and such immediately after he would drop the girls off at school. He was hired at several places. He actually took the job that was closest to our home. He now gets to ride his bike to work. He no longer works swing shift. He was a stable second shift job and make 1 dollar more per hour than he made at the job he started in August. So of course he quit that job. We were spending  almost half his paycheck on gasoline for the van. We were happy he had a job, but it really was a strain driving so far daily and I felt like I practically lived in the van. It is nice to be able to not drive all day.

Last week D. came in second in the school race against Pine Lake Prep. It was a first time in a long time. He just looked green that day. I think the pollen got to him? He did great despite not feeling well. I am proud of my tough,strong son for sucking it up and doing what needs to be done even when not feeling well. He is NOT a complainer and works so hard at everything he does.

Kl is working at our local grocery store. Usually several days per week.

The 3 little boys are doing great so far with home school. We are doing Classical Conversations. We are having lots of fun learning.

Kr continuing to heal from major surgery last December. She is doing well at school.

DJ is really into reading lately. So I am trying to keep him well supplied with really good books.

Praise and Reflection

I have definitely been super über busy. I want to document this time in my life so I may remember how God moves in HIS timing. Also seeing how things look so very odd from the outside, even to me, I see HIS hands in our lives. Everything isn’t easy, I do have peace in the midst of it all.

R has been working a few weeks now I think for an agency as a contracted temp to hire. We are still behind in bills, but at least we have a chance to catch up with income coming in. He works a swing shift. It is now 2 weeks on a shift before switching. Next week is night shift.Since we have one car….

( his died….their is an entire ordeal surrounding his car that makes me to angry to detail… short version.. his/our nephew took it apart to pieces and sold them. The carcass sat in our driveway a few weeks before I called a junk yard to haul it away. We could have gotten a few hundred dollars had we sold it a junk yard originally. Instead of giving much-needed money away when R wasn’t working and causing an eyesore to our neighborhood. I felt sick every single time I went outside until I  had the thing removed!)

I have been on the road a lot. I have had lots of time to pray alone and quiet times with God. We are spending too much on gas and putting lots of miles on the van. R HAS A JOB!! PTL!! YIPPEE SKIPPEE!! So I can not complain. I just count on God to get me through the day. Some times I am so tired. It has been great to have 2 weeks worth of meals preplanned. I religiously use my crockpot. I have found some wonderful recipes online for healthy meals.

My current life is a series of notes and notebooks. My little boys are officially in Classical Conversations. I felt led to join or try knowing at the time R had no job and we are in dire circumstances. When praying felt led to join anyways. I thought maybe we would be able to officially join by Christmas and told the Director this.  God laid it on the heart of an anonymous donor to pay for the two little boys to join now! I have started unofficially teaching the older boys at home. I could not even imagine what God had in store for our family. I just knew that this is where he wants us. The same with staying home with the children. I have felt bad for months even though I felt a sense of peace in my decision. R agree also. That I belong at home with the children. Some people no longer speak to me because of my choices and feel I have taken this have faith thing a little too far.

I am finding a sort of freedom in being alone. No pressures from the outside.

I have a collection of notes I will peruse and decide if they are post worthy.

No time.

I haven’t had time to blog.
R has new job, starts on Tuesday.
I have so many things to get done on my to do list before starting school in a week.
We have one vehicle, so I had to make a schedule that I stick to strictly. I have had to get littles going to bed much earlier.
I will be rising at 430am instead of 530am this year. One hour is a big deal. I will be okay, I just need the little boys in bed early and my older kids need to be quiet all lights out by 1000pm and no later.

I have a camera full of pictures I need to download. I have a few post I have written in my notebook while waiting at the doctor’s office for my appoinment

I spoke with the bank, some how they will work out payments with us to keep us from loosing our home.

Today we are supposed to be going to a reunion a a church we attended years ago. Me and the older children are going, R is staying home with the littles. I would rather stay home, I am too tired to go anywhere. I despise feeling so tired. The hematology/oncology office will call and set up an appointment for me to spend the day at the hospital receiving an iron treatment. I told the Friday is more convenient because my daughters do not have class on Friday. They start Fall semester this week. We are waiting for Kayla also to be scheduled with her new job. She is supposed to receive two weeks training.

My days will be long. David’s cross country practice will be in the afternoons now instead of mornings, like it has been the past month.

Lots of my home school books have started selling on under the name SimplyFreeLife. I am trying to sell all of my books that I don’t use or do not plan to use, at least any time soon.

Going to rest a moment before I get dressed.


VBS stirs up a mixed bag of emotions.. miscellaneous post?

The children Sam and Noah have enjoyed their week of VBS. Friday concludes the week with a fun family filled event. I shall upload soon pictures of the decorations and some of the boys 🙂
The girls enjoyed volunteering to teach and such. The little boys enjoyed the festivities.

We have been praying for the children who attend. We found out on day 2, many of the children who attended were starving. Their parents work,full-time minimum wage jobs, all day. These sweet young children attended VBS starving. They practically inhaled their food and looked for more. We packed food and sent it home with them. Our church runs a food pantry, I’m am not sure if it is because of hard times or vacations, our church’s food pantry has run low. I feel a wee part responsible for this.
R hasn’t worked since May, so I have not bought any extras or contributed to the food pantry.
I have a fear of running out of food and worried my kids are starving. I have also feared becoming homeless. I am trying to believe, God will really take care of us, HE promised He will in HIS word. God sent us to help provide for these hungry children. He has someone, who will give my husband a job, or provide for us in some way.
I became really desperate one day. I have been filling job applications and having job interviews also. For me to return to work as a registered nurse, I must first take a refresher course (roughly $600), due to the amount of time I have been away from working in the hospital. I must also retake classes for my advanced cardiac life support certification. I let those expire years ago because of the cost and also, I had no plans to return to work with small children. I found out I can teach a classical conversations class to help me pay for my children’s enrollment.(Our classical co-op) I need to work nights so I may teach the children during the day. Doing non-nursing work will make it difficult. Requiring me to work more hours to make enough to pay the bills and catch up on payments.
I am contemplating making a page to list ALL of our school curriculum books,that we are not using, for sale. I will take pictures of them with a description and maybe IBSN’S. I will try to figure out paypal and set up a link for book payment and mail books via media mail, unless other specifically requested. All of the books are not current editions.

I also need to revamp my resume.

I feel like a displaced, misplaced homemaker, I am going to try and stay encouraged.

Maybe some people are praying for us.

God will meet our needs!

This one handed typing is irritating, going to lay sleeping Jesse in his bed right now!

Ahhh much better.

Well I guess I should go to bed also.
A friend from church, whom one of my girls babysits for,gave us an invitation to throw a pool party for the twin’s 19th birthday. So I shall be waking in a few short hours, to get things done Friday morning. I will need time to get all the little boys cleaned up and ready for the VBS festivities Friday evening.I am unsure if my husband or older boys are coming with. So I will have my hands full. I will set my coffee maker to brew at 7am and start my crock-pot shortly thereafter.


I really needed to read this, inspired by Jen B.; Handsfull Tuesday; blog today. I have had much time to ponder lately about how we are raising our children. My husband was laid off last year and has worked various odd and temp jobs. Everyone tells me to go to work and let my husband stay home and raise the kids. This is not his calling to be a housewife or should I say house husband. Neither is it my calling to be a fulltime breadwinner. I do not currently have the physical stamina to handle those 10 to 12 hour shifts away from home then come home to do my work. My husband helps with things around the house sometimes but it is not his gifting. Planning meals, shopping for groceries,sticking to a budget, making sure the little kids are eating at least 3 balanced meals and several snacks,bathes,storytime and going to bed at a decent early hour. Even when I work part time, my children suffer, our relationships suffer. I am just to tired to care after having such a physically and mentally demanding job and come home and have anything left for my family.

It was a blessing for me to read Martin Luther’s works “Treatise on Good Works.”   I really need to read a see sometimes what my job really is. Why I feel peace at home, even though it is a really hard job and people accuse you of doing nothing. I take seriously raising these future citizens up in the admonition of God. I have only read half today but I plan to reread this weekly as a reminder of the importance of raising these children properly.

Classical Conversations

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves
throughout their lives.” ~~ Robert Maynard Hutchins


I attended a 3 day parent practicum in the Huntersville Area last week. It was the best thing that could have happened, at the right time. I have a renewed drive to follow a calling that God put in our family. I have listened so long to negative and I have needed help. I did not have the right kind of support to do it. Now I have a list of people who are praying for me and a list of people of  whom I may call when times get hard, who will remind me of things and give practical support.

I know homeschooling “isn’t for everybody”, even though I feel anyone can teach their own children.  I made some mistakes with my oldest twin daughter graduates, but they can wear the t-shirt that says, “I survived homeschooling!”  My  sons are different and learning looks different. I have permission for that to be okay. I used to be so hard on myself because we were not doing what everyone else is doing. Now I realize that we are learning differently but we are learning what we need to learn for a good solid classical education.  It’s is okay to accommodate your child’s need, for example; I have a child, he bounces while he is being read to, or he sits and turns.  He has to be in motion. That is not okay for public school or even private schools. It is okay for home, I have learned that when he is moving, he is listening to me. There was a  time when my focus was making him sit still and looking at me or my direction. He would mentally leave the room, you could see a blank look on his face. He could not answer questions. He just was not there. Do what works to teach your children.  However they are made, God made them for a purpose. Work with who you have, instead of spending time focusing on something that is really not that  important, but things others may look at and think you are clueless, like you child not  sitting  still. He is listening and he is learning, be happy and content.

I never wish hard times on any one. It feels good when you know you are not alone. Finding other people, who have survived trials, gives you a feeling that you can survive a trial too. I am now a big believer, that we need a support group of like minds.

Hey?? It is Spring… Isn’t it??

What happened to spring?? We were in shorts and flip-flops last week, were we not? We had summer in the winter. Now winter in the spring? I am sitting here typing and it’s  43 degrees outside and 60 in here brrrr.

I dropped the girls and Noah off at school. The other boys and I spent the day doing school and baking. I made banana chocolate chip muffins and sweet potato chocolate chip muffins. I made shredded barbecue chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli for dinner.

Samuel is reading well. He hates…HATES when I have them practice handwriting. He says it’s so boring. I told him neat handwriting is important. Noah has really neat handwriting for a 4-year-old boy. It is scary to me that he has such attention to details. They work on handwriting together,at snack time after school, at the kitchen table, while I whip them up something to munch on.

IT was peaceful today..Cold..Cold..Cold..Peaceful.

Ronnie came home in a bad mood. I’m not sure completely why yet. He has been coughing a lot again. I hope his bronchitis has not returned. I think I’ll pick up the medicine the doctor wrote for him that he has not taken… See if I can MAKE him take it now? I wish I could persuade him to cover his mouth when he coughs. With my asthma, I tend to want to avoid rooms he is coughing in, I fear becoming sick and unable to care for my family. It has happened before. My home never recovers completely from my illnesses.  I have to scrub hard to get through all the layers of  dirt.

Well I suppose I shouldn’t  ‘go there’ should I?

Me and my never-ending list of rhetorical questions.

My plans for the new week


This week in school Classical Conversations week 20. W are still finishing up our study on artist even we are also doing classical music. Saxon math for all my students at their levels.


I plan to make chocolate chip sweet potato muffins to use up some sweet potatoes.

I also plan to make 4 quarts of yogurt.

Menu plan:

Monday: cubed steak,brown rice and sautéed Julienne zucchini squash

Tuesday: “grilled” chicken salad , homemade French bread and vegetable soup

Wednesday: fried salmon burgers ,large salad and homemade bread

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Tuna pasta casserole

Saturday: Homemade pizza

Sunday: Quiche and salad

May this week not find me overwhelmed. May I find a quiet moment and be still enough to hear The Voice of God.