Hey?? It is Spring… Isn’t it??

What happened to spring?? We were in shorts and flip-flops last week, were we not? We had summer in the winter. Now winter in the spring? I am sitting here typing and it’s  43 degrees outside and 60 in here brrrr.

I dropped the girls and Noah off at school. The other boys and I spent the day doing school and baking. I made banana chocolate chip muffins and sweet potato chocolate chip muffins. I made shredded barbecue chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli for dinner.

Samuel is reading well. He hates…HATES when I have them practice handwriting. He says it’s so boring. I told him neat handwriting is important. Noah has really neat handwriting for a 4-year-old boy. It is scary to me that he has such attention to details. They work on handwriting together,at snack time after school, at the kitchen table, while I whip them up something to munch on.

IT was peaceful today..Cold..Cold..Cold..Peaceful.

Ronnie came home in a bad mood. I’m not sure completely why yet. He has been coughing a lot again. I hope his bronchitis has not returned. I think I’ll pick up the medicine the doctor wrote for him that he has not taken… See if I can MAKE him take it now? I wish I could persuade him to cover his mouth when he coughs. With my asthma, I tend to want to avoid rooms he is coughing in, I fear becoming sick and unable to care for my family. It has happened before. My home never recovers completely from my illnesses.  I have to scrub hard to get through all the layers of  dirt.

Well I suppose I shouldn’t  ‘go there’ should I?

Me and my never-ending list of rhetorical questions.

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