My plans for the new week


This week in school Classical Conversations week 20. W are still finishing up our study on artist even we are also doing classical music. Saxon math for all my students at their levels.


I plan to make chocolate chip sweet potato muffins to use up some sweet potatoes.

I also plan to make 4 quarts of yogurt.

Menu plan:

Monday: cubed steak,brown rice and sautéed Julienne zucchini squash

Tuesday: “grilled” chicken salad , homemade French bread and vegetable soup

Wednesday: fried salmon burgers ,large salad and homemade bread

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Tuna pasta casserole

Saturday: Homemade pizza

Sunday: Quiche and salad

May this week not find me overwhelmed. May I find a quiet moment and be still enough to hear The Voice of God.

4 thoughts on “My plans for the new week

  1. Will you post your yogurt recipe? I have been wanting to make my own yogurt for a year now, we eat a lot of it and I could really save a lot of money making my own. I think i get stuck on the idea of where to keep it while it is supposed to be slightly warm or something like that for 8 hours or whatever it is…. I have heard keeping it on a heating pad or in Styrofoam ice chest????

    I am ordering the books tomorrow for my two oldest boys to start first grade next week…oh boy three doing school at one time…this is a big step!!!


    1. Recipe is posted here:
      I don’t appreciate the formatting of my page but I will try to figure it out later.

      How exciting and fun. I am planning to ad Noah to our homeschooling mix next fall. He is currently at preschool. He has sensory issues and I needed a break because of Kara’s surgery, Daniel’s autism, my health issues and losses, and I needed a break. I am getting better.


      1. hey thanks so much for the recipe. I can understand the break needed but hopefully you will be feeling much better come September!! I’ll be praying for you!!


      2. I feel I have to home school Noah this fall. He has learned good things in preschool but also bad. So I hope I don’t spend too long undoing those things. Noah will keep me accountable. I must follow a strict schedule with him to prevent his outburst. He is so smart too so I may start him on grade level ahead if warranted. He is already reading the Bob books we have.


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