One Small Success at a Time


I love Danielle’s idea of remembering our small accomplishments.

I have long list and lofty ideas of what I should get done daily or even hourly. I can easily feel defeated by not thinking I am using my time wisely or accomplishing much. When sitting down to peruse what I actually get done, I have a more objective eye and sense of accomplishment and am less hard on myself. This is much needed for me. I don’t have a circle of homeschooling moms nearby for encouragement, so I tend to listen to the false ideas that the enemy gives me. It is commonplace in our culture to devalue homemaking and raising children.

Thank you Danielle for encouraging a time for self reflection, even in the small accomplishments.

Here are my small successes for this week:

1. I decided to do the old Lenten Challenge 40 bags in 40 days. I have already put 4 bags and a box of stuff(toys and clothes) to give away in the back of my van.

2. I have been encouraged by a counselor to take 15 minutes each day to do something that encourages me, just for me. So yesterday I gave myself a pedicure without guilt. So today, despite the rain and clouds ,despite my hair that has fallen due to the rain and weather, I still feel feminine and beautiful today just from that one little thing.I feel this is helping m be a better more encouraged mom today.

3. I make copies of Sunday’s Sermons on CD for our church. This is the first week in a month, where there were NO errors made by me. Sometimes the alignment is slightly askew. No one has complained to me about it, but I tend to be perfectionist about everything I do. I am very hard on myself. Last week I decided, okay I am human, I am doing my best, this week I was more relaxed about the entire procedure and I did a better job than I have done in awhile.

One thought on “One Small Success at a Time

  1. I love this list. I love the idea of 15 mins for yourself….I’m starting to get some help for my anxiety, and that sounds like something that could calm me more.

    I’m also doing 40 bags…and you are 4 bags ahead of me!

    Praying for you and wishing you a blessed Lent!


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