16 days

Wow it has been 16 days since I blogged. I have had a lot to post and tons of things done that I would love to remember. I’m not sure if I should break things up into a few post. That seems more logical. I have pictures. I can’t remember how I uploaded them last time.

My daughters are dancing in a play Beauty and the Beast being performed by students at CUCA ( the private Christian school that my older children play sports at) So every Saturday and several afternoons per week, I am on the road. The practices are an hour and a half. It usually doesn’t make since to go home just to turn right back around to pick them up. I have been super exhausted for a few weeks. No, I am not pregnant. So our schedule has been really hard on me. The girls had spring break March 7th through the 11th,2011. I thought I would get some rest that week since I was only driving Noah to school But that was not so. I am a super light sleeper and the girls like to keep late hours and I would hear them at 1am or 2am in their rooms talking or 3am in the shower. Or their blow dryers or the dishwasher running at 4am or a television left on all night that I was too tired to get up and turn off but nevertheless annoyed by it until  a second before I heard my alarm clock go off. Surely sleep deprivation is the etiology of my exhaustion.

March 14th The basketball coach starts open gym. Our basketball boys need to keep playing so they won’t lose their hard earned skills, like they did last year(oops). So two days per week I drive David to play bball at CUCA.  I realized Thursday 17th of that week that my natural food Coop order was still in my draft box. So i will have to wait 2 months for another order. I need some wheat for my flour. It is much cheaper through them than my local health food store. Friday the 18th we got our tax return check. So I went around catching up all of our bills that had gotten behind during my husbands layoff. Boy that felt great! Our van is paid in full we only had a couple of payments left. Our only debt is our house. I found out, because our home is worth less that we got a loan for it, we can possibly refinance it (for less payments monthly), our home owners insurance will be less because we have it insured for double of what it is worth because of the drop. We will be okay. I no longer feel pressure of having to find a place to put my children and getting an outside paying job to try and make ends meet. I have been doing little things here and there online for awhile  that gives me a little income but nothing major. This is a huge relief for me and I feel my children will be better for it.

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