I noticed Wednesday March 16th that it really hurt to chew on my tooth. It was only when I would chew it would hurt. By Friday night I was bedridden with pain. Practically eating 800mg ibuprofen alternating with 1000mg of acetaminophen and Benedryl. I know a weird concoction. First thing Monday morning March 21st, I called my dentist. Dr. S. He got me in that afternoon. The hygienist took a couple of x-rays. She said ooh. Your tooth looks like it is not happy and needs to come out. Another hygienist came in to try the x-ray at a different angle. She said oh boy, that tooth has gotta go. Dr. S walks in and says oh my goodness. How long has this been hurting you? What is going on, and tons of other questions. Finally saying we can not preserve this tooth. It is horribly infected,an abscess and it has to go before you get the bone underneath infected. So he gives me Novocaine or whatever they numb you with. Which takes forever to work on me(by the way).  He tried to make me as comfortable as possible. This is one horrific experience to go through. The tooth was huge. I feel like a toothless hag. I am thankful it was a back tooth. I am still recovering. Some soreness still in my jaw.

….I am thankful darling husband stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday to help run errands,taking Noah to school,taking girls to school and picking everyone up and open gym and groceries. He felt bad that I was in so much pain and he really could do nothing about it. His help with the kids was great!

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