I really needed to read this, inspired by Jen B.; Handsfull Tuesday; blog today. I have had much time to ponder lately about how we are raising our children. My husband was laid off last year and has worked various odd and temp jobs. Everyone tells me to go to work and let my husband stay home and raise the kids. This is not his calling to be a housewife or should I say house husband. Neither is it my calling to be a fulltime breadwinner. I do not currently have the physical stamina to handle those 10 to 12 hour shifts away from home then come home to do my work. My husband helps with things around the house sometimes but it is not his gifting. Planning meals, shopping for groceries,sticking to a budget, making sure the little kids are eating at least 3 balanced meals and several snacks,bathes,storytime and going to bed at a decent early hour. Even when I work part time, my children suffer, our relationships suffer. I am just to tired to care after having such a physically and mentally demanding job and come home and have anything left for my family.

It was a blessing for me to read Martin Luther’s works “Treatise on Good Works.”   I really need to read a see sometimes what my job really is. Why I feel peace at home, even though it is a really hard job and people accuse you of doing nothing. I take seriously raising these future citizens up in the admonition of God. I have only read half today but I plan to reread this weekly as a reminder of the importance of raising these children properly.

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