In 1991 on June 28th

This day twenty years ago I married my husband. I realized a little while ago that I have reach at time where I have lived with him longer than I lived at home with my parents. That is an interesting and sobering introspection.

We had a perfect first 7 years. The other 12 years,in between,were lesson of learning to cleave more to one another and break apron strings from family. Both of us had to learn that it was okay to tell Mom and Dad no, I need to discuss whatever it is with my spouse first.

The past year we have gone through a lot together and survived. I feel it has been for  the best. I have learned that I can truly trust my husband to “have my back” when things are horrible and that we can survive anything together with God. This year and last has also been a time for me to learn what it means to fully rely on God. For so long, I have depended more on my knowledge and strength to get me through things and would pray about it as an afterthought instead of first. Until now, I could not truly say I know what it means to truly believe and truly rely on God. Some times one can only learn by experience.  I feel a bit wearier but also wiser. I see things differently and I have a lot more empathy for others than I had before. My natural bend is to try to do things with perfection , precision and promptness. Personable has now married my list of adjectives describing myself.

Today I want to thank God for the husband he has given me and our wonderful children that have come for our union. I am thankful for my 20 years of marriage.

2 thoughts on “In 1991 on June 28th

  1. Congratulations, 20 years is a wonderful testimony and your heart speaks to that so eloquently. It is always a process of learning and refining. I pray to get there one day as well.


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