Food Waste Friday

I don’t have any food waste to report today. I do have a refrigerator full of food. It rarely looks this full. I have seven children, one who is a bottomless growing pit. I made tacos and all of the fixings last night. We will have that again for dinner tonight, since my children LOVE tacos.

Fridge 1
Fridge 2

2 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday

  1. Thank You. Fridge 2 always feels messy to me. It houses extras ie.) milk,cheese,bread and fruits. I don’t like anyone opening and closing it. My home is usually rather warm. We don’t have central air but do have a window unit. So I have refrigerator thermometers in both. I pretty much know exactly where things are and can direct traffic when asked, so know one stands in the door looking for said items, spoiling my food.


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