A few days late:

My girls were on spring break from college this week. Their plans interfered with family plans because I really had no clue of the plan till the day of. We had food waste this week. I simply had no energy and failed to really look in the fridge. I had my paper plans for food this week but some days we did not cook, they had sandwiches and I had beans from a can. I love to cook and love to plan meals. I am in the last two months of the last trimester of this pregnancy and I am feeling so uninspired. I do not have enough physical help, even though I have enough people.

This past week my husband was hired as a full-time employee for the company he has been on temporary assignment for for the past 6 months. He has been working first shift 6am to 230pm. He now works 4pm till 230am four days a week with Fridays supposedly off. We do know there is a big assignment or project and they will be working most Fridays this month. Thankfully not a 10 hour day!

We have had to change our entire schedule and life. We now have “dinner” our big meal at lunch so we can eat with my husband. We eat lunch now at dinner time.

FoodWasteFriday I wasted leftover green beans, white Basmati rice and broccoli. They were in the back of the refrigerator,where I could have easily found it if I was on my A game. I feel bad about the food waste. I hope to have some energy soon. I decided this week to buy Paper plates yesterday at Aldi to use temporarily. Also this week I planned meals that require little prep time or are “easy” to cook. I hope to have another week of no food waste since this week broke my streak.


FoodWasteFriday No Food Waste to report this week. I knew we had a hectic week. So I planned easy to cook meals. My son Daniel helped with some of the prep and clean up. Leftovers were eaten for lunch and dinner. Some grapes I thought would go bad, we froze and ate for a snack.



No food waste to report this Friday. I believe I cheated again.

Barely cooking, barely shopping. Some days I cooks to late.

Breakfasts are mostly cold. Lunch is cold sandwiches and dinner I cook late.

I have majored in napology this week. I seem to either be overwhelmingly tired or overwhelming hungry.  Maybe it has something to do with being seven months pregnant and feeling slow and huge?

I have too many plans for dinner but I really want someone to bring us dinner already cooked and paper plates so I don’t have any dishes to wash and can sleep more. Most days by the end of the day I am quite deliriously exhausted.  I haven’t been enforcing undone chores. I have been too tired to parent, I have been asleep. When I notice undone things, my people are away at their activities: Community College,Part time job or basketball practice or some other important cause. Maybe if I insisted on everyone doing their share, I will be less tired and have more time to be Mom.



I am thrilled to report NO food waste this week. I feel as if it was a cheat week. I cooked way less lunch and breakfast meals. We had the basket ball tournament this week,two day of two hour physical therapy sessions and a couple of days of running various errands. I did NOT feel like a stay at home mom this week. I did not make either our batch of yogurt or pumpkin muffins.

Food Waste Friday


A Belated Post from last Friday.  We have been extremely busy with end of season basketball games so all of my post are late.  Lots to post, short on proofing time and picture uploading time.

I don’t have pictures of my food waste. They were gladly eating by my canine companions. I had a lot of food waste this week. I am hiding in shame.

Hiding in shame & embarrassment

There was 1/2 cup of refried beans.

A vegetarian Greek Wrap was gifted to us only one half got eaten before it became too soggy to eat.

Some turkey gravy for rice and few pieces of chicken.

(Too greasy for my taste. I don’t care for dark meat. It gave this poor pregnant woman heartburn..ick) Not enough flavor for the rest of the family.

There was about 1/4 cup of boxed macaroni and cheese from lunch in a Pyrex dish. No one wanted so I fed it to the dogs.

Maybe I’ll do better next time!

Food Waste Friday


This week I have a few items to share that I have wasted.

A tiny Pyrex with leftover green beans in them. I meant to eat those for lunch but they were hidden from view.

There is about 1/2 cup of black beans. I also meant to have those leftovers from lunch but the black hole in the back of the refrigerator sucked them in, hiding them from plain view of the big bellied preggo.

Last, but certainly NOT least was some homemade yogurt that would have been lovely, had I not tried the agave sweetener in it. No ONE liked the agave in the yogurt. They prefer honey or table sugar or even plain but they thought the agave was gross.

Although Agave taste good in the herbal teas .

Food Waste Friday

No food waste to report this week. I did not purchase “real” groceries. They had pizza, baked chicken,rice, and green beans, boxed mac n cheese and Aldi battered fish patties, leftovers pizza and breakfast for dinner this week. I was a happy camper this week. I did not totally break the budget either.

I decided to have some grace for myself. I realized at this season of my life I need to do easier. I can not handle the crockpot cooking at this season.  The smell of food cooking is NOT going to work right now, and that is okay. My family can survive on whatever I am able to feed them. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Balanced would be lovely. Short and sweet is better and the less I handle it is better also.


I am too embarrassed to list all of my food waste. Some is over the past two weeks. No excuses. Well maybe…. Morning sickness…ALL DAY SICKNESS has made it nearly impossible for me to make decent meals. I kind of throw things together lately. Crock pot is great on days when I can let it sit on my deck all day. I can’t stand the smell of food or nearly anything else.


I made some gluten free cornbread for myself. It taste gluten free. I can’t stomach it so the dogs will eat it. I have some spent bananas and plan to make a normal batch of chocolate chip banana muffins and maybe 6 gluten free ones. But I probably should not even attempt some for me. Just the thought makes me feel queasy. Maybe another time.


Someone gave me a lot of natural peanut butter, probably 6 of these containers. I think we used 4. These last 2 smell rancid. BOO! ICK!!


R (my husband) gave the dogs some yucky smelling brown rice earlier. It was pushed to the back of the refrigerator in No Man’s Land (pronounced like that really old television show from my youth…




I know I can be quite the drama queen 😉

Well, I need help eek. I make list but need to know what has worked for other HyperEmesis moms who need to cook and don’t have someone else to cook for you? Or moms with chronic illnesses? How do you survive without help?

Food Waste Friday

Good intentions gone wrong.
I was given 3 bags of spinach. With bag one I created a lovely salad with some peppers, garden cucumbers, Monterrey jack cheese and a tiny bit of ranch dressing. The contents of bag number two became a steamed concoction with a few sauteed onions and squash on the side. The poor pitiful bag number three can not be redeemed. It is a slim soggy bag of mush. I must hide my head in shame.

My poor leftover garden squash. It was really good. It got pushed all the way to the back of the fridge in the Waste Lands. We simply forgot about it. We have even had more since then, that I cut and freshly steamed. OOPS! Hides head in shame again.

Poor Lighting Squash Picture

Food Waste Friday

I don’t have any food waste to report today. I do have a refrigerator full of food. It rarely looks this full. I have seven children, one who is a bottomless growing pit. I made tacos and all of the fixings last night. We will have that again for dinner tonight, since my children LOVE tacos.

Fridge 1
Fridge 2