A few days late:

My girls were on spring break from college this week. Their plans interfered with family plans because I really had no clue of the plan till the day of. We had food waste this week. I simply had no energy and failed to really look in the fridge. I had my paper plans for food this week but some days we did not cook, they had sandwiches and I had beans from a can. I love to cook and love to plan meals. I am in the last two months of the last trimester of this pregnancy and I am feeling so uninspired. I do not have enough physical help, even though I have enough people.

This past week my husband was hired as a full-time employee for the company he has been on temporary assignment for for the past 6 months. He has been working first shift 6am to 230pm. He now works 4pm till 230am four days a week with Fridays supposedly off. We do know there is a big assignment or project and they will be working most Fridays this month. Thankfully not a 10 hour day!

We have had to change our entire schedule and life. We now have “dinner” our big meal at lunch so we can eat with my husband. We eat lunch now at dinner time.

FoodWasteFriday I wasted leftover green beans, white Basmati rice and broccoli. They were in the back of the refrigerator,where I could have easily found it if I was on my A game. I feel bad about the food waste. I hope to have some energy soon. I decided this week to buy Paper plates yesterday at Aldi to use temporarily. Also this week I planned meals that require little prep time or are “easy” to cook. I hope to have another week of no food waste since this week broke my streak.

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