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Thursday was such a long event exhausting day! I had my first visit with a particular specialist. I got an awesome vibe from this doctor. I’m a skeptical RN patient. I know and I’ve seen way too much. This doctor knew this about me and was not put off at ALL. He knew it was so not about him and that was apparent! He sold himself well and spoke to my heart. That being said, I have a very brief hospital visit coming soon.


So…. Carol the van, her check engine light came on.  She felt weak and lost her gusto. She would hesitate when i take my foot off the brake, instead of zooming forward with her normal liveliness. I called my normal Asiaworks and they are closed for vacation until next week. So I went to their other office,  Hondaworks on Scaleybark. Denny gave me some bad news. Carol’s transmission is giving out. This doesn’t surprise me but totally ticks me off, making a hard day really a test of my resolve and heart. I knew immediately it would be an expense I can not currently afford.  We’ve been using up our saving, since I got hit by that illegal alien drunk driver 2 years ago. We have good insurance but I still have a ton of out-of-pocket expenses.

(Excuse my “lack of compassion” for illegals and this entire D.A.C.A.  and D.A.P.A situation….. no one is paying my bills but me and I’m still suffering physically and financially two years later, for something NOT at my fault at all!!!)

My Odyssey year up to 2007 are notorious for terrible transmissions. It been one hellacious thing after another. I will only purchase another used vehicle if either Asiaworks checks it for me or Compact Cars on Independence boulevard near Matthews will check it out for me and say its a great buy!! AJ’s shop isn’t worth the mention.


I absolutely ADORE Harris Teeter home shop or shop online program!!! I’ve shopped Harris Teeter since I was a child. They’ve given me excellent customer service. I actually save money by not going inside the grocery store. I buy my list instead of looking at everything. I check my E-Vic weekly and make my order online for what I want. They even take coupons but it credits on your next purchase.

May is coming to an end: (loaded picture post)

It has been a super busy month for us. We have ended our 2013-2014 Classical Conversation year and I have already begun prepping for the 2014-2015 school year.

The BSF year has ended also. We begin a new bible study year in September 2014.

Mother’s Day:


Kayla graduated with her Associates Degree from CPCC. We attended her graduation and dinner.


She’e wearing gold sash for the honor society.

Johnny turned 2 the day after graduation.


Jesse, my long time baby, turned 6.

Ronnie had a birthday on Memorial Day.

Senior Breakfast is Wednesday and David is graduating on Friday.

Kara leaves Saturday, to go far far away for a new life inTexas.



Working on having peace with part time Job {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

I thought my tutoring would fall in sync with our lives. It was and is a godsend to have found Classical Conversations. It lines up with what we believe. ALL subjects point to God. They are all interrelated.

The work we do, in Challenge II, is work I would also be preparing for my own Challenge II student. It was supposed to be fairly simple and easily fit in with our lifestyle.

I’ve finally come to the realization, when prepping for this semester, this takes a lot more time to prepare for more than one student. I take into account where the child is, I try to individualize, as I would my own.

It takes a lot of time from my small children ( I have 4 boys whom I consider littles). If I give them my normal attention, then prepping deprives me of sleep, which also takes me from my children. I am an “interesting” person when sleep deprived. I really thought it would be something I could do in about 20 minutes per day. But really it is an actual a job, that make take me a couple hours per day. I’ve changed my thought about  it.  I now approach it differently. I thought it was a gift and an honor to give of myself and share with others, the knowledge God has so blessed me with.

I have resolved myself to the fact, it is okay to have a part time job, that in essence, takes time from my family as long as there is compensation and benefits to the family.

I’ve had to rearrange our schedule. Hubby works an odd work schedule. I must keep the children quiet for quite a while in the mornings. I take one of my sons to school( small private Christian school) daily. I need to be in bed early so I can wake up in the mornings to get him to school on time.  Then add to the mix, a daughter, whom I take to work often. I don’t know her work schedule for pickup or drop off. Oh…  at least once a week everyone’s schedule collides!

I want more time to raise these littles. They are growing so quickly. My older kids are such great people. I want to invest more time to raising these younger 4 into great people too.

I pray daily for God to impart HIS wisdom into my brain and heart. I am in deep prayer about whether I should continue tutoring CC  next school year or whether I should take time off to get my home in order. I have a child in Essentials class, this is his first year. I haven’t been able to really help him because I’m tutoring during Essentials. There is a “help” class for the new parents on Fridays. So far they’ve clashed with my previously set scheduled activities, whether volunteering, doctor’s appointments or etc…

I have been vigilant this year, 2014, to schedule things in my control, on others days. Maybe we will catch up??



New Years Resolutions

The Girl's Fun Henna Tats from RenFest 2011

I have not really been one to make resolutions. I usually have smaller monthly goals that seem more attainable.  This year as a BlogHer challenge I sat down and made some new years resolutions.

I have resolved to give myself a break. Not get lazy or anything but just not drive myself when I really need to sit and rest for a minute. I am saying no to more things and trying to focus on a few things and do them very well. I know that is hard to do being the mom of eight children. I must multitask but I will purpose not to get gratification from things.

I resolve to enjoy my family more in slowing down. Let some things go so I can sit and enjoy the board games and coloring or playing cars on the floor once in a while with the boys. I think I will regret more missing some quality time than the cleaning and scrubbing I can be obsessive about at times.

I have resolved to go to bed at a more decent hour most nights instead of missing precious sleep to catch up on cleaning and computer time.  Rest is so healing to a weary body and mind!

I resolved to insist on more frequent communication with DH and not letting tiredness, kids schedules, or whatever creeps in to come in between us.

I have resolved to not take personal anything people say about me good or bad. It is just their opinion and everyone is entitled to an opinion I guess? Right or wrong.

2012 Is my year for slowing down and listening for God’s direction and feeling HIS peace daily!

Food Waste Friday

Good intentions gone wrong.
I was given 3 bags of spinach. With bag one I created a lovely salad with some peppers, garden cucumbers, Monterrey jack cheese and a tiny bit of ranch dressing. The contents of bag number two became a steamed concoction with a few sauteed onions and squash on the side. The poor pitiful bag number three can not be redeemed. It is a slim soggy bag of mush. I must hide my head in shame.

My poor leftover garden squash. It was really good. It got pushed all the way to the back of the fridge in the Waste Lands. We simply forgot about it. We have even had more since then, that I cut and freshly steamed. OOPS! Hides head in shame again.

Poor Lighting Squash Picture

Mother’s Day

I gave a post to itself. I woke up in a bad mood. I felt hot. My house was a mess. I did not get enough sleep so I was a poor sport.

I slept till 11am so I skipped church. My husband let me sleep in and kept the household quiet. I watched The Elevation Experience on television. I ate a scrambled  egg burrito for breakfast and sat on the deck for awhile.

When I returned to the kitchen to sit at the table an quietly have my coffee, I was mobbed by my children. They came bearing homemade cards full of quotes that I love!!!!! And gifts. Every child gave me a pair of earrings in different colors. I am in love!!

Gifts from my gifts
A Card
Aww from my 4yo

Week of April 24th,2011

Saamy’s First Communion Was Sunday. WE enjoyed a nice family meal and a day outside. Our whole family was there and on time and it was a great day.

On the 25th I had an ultrasound and saw our baby’s heart beating.

Tuesday was a long “field trip” to the library. Jesse really misbehaved. He is usually good. More training needed, I  suppose.

I saw my hematologist on Friday. My hemoglobin and ferritin levels are finally within a normal range.

We went to Genera’s viewing Friday night and funeral on Saturday

It was nice seeing a lot of family that we have not seen in a  while.

The Girls with their "little" cousin

The church fixed us a meal and we were able to hang out and fellowship after the graveyard service.