Carol the Van


Since every other part of Carol is practically new……

We’ve got quotes on replacing her transmission.

It will cost $3500 or more for her to get a rebuilt transmission. I’ve been calling around looking for a transmission to buy and get quotes from my favorite HondaWorks to put it in. So it would be a better conditioned transmission.  If I had not put so much money into Carol already ……, her new engine has only 80,000 miles on it. Everything in her is practically new. Now all she needs is a transmission and maybe I have a great van for about 10 or more years???     Her replaced parts have warranties.

Sitting around stranded at home with all these boys and Anna has been challenging. We can not all fit into hubby’s work car. So NO library trips, no park trips, no field trips, etc.

Reworking my schedule and appointments. I can not take the children, I have 2 in car seats so logistically it simply does not work.

Carol the Van… despite her issues and the short time I have driven her, has been such a blessing to us.

I was able to bring home a gifted book shelf in her, Costco trips, I could fit all of my kiddos and groceries too. We could take library trips, Walmart trips, ride to grandparents, yard sale or estate sales, anything. Carol represents freedoms for our large family and She represents living life and having fun.


How I Save on our Groceries

I was asked a few days ago by Numerous Facebook friends what ways do I personally save on groceries. I didn’t get questions specifically for food, so this is for food and other items I buy.

1.Hubby and I are avid Aldi shoppers. Aldi has saved us so much on our grocery budget! Their foods are of good quality and taste as good as name brand items. This is where we get the majority of our groceries.

2. I plan our menu for the week, sometimes two if I have a lot going on. I go online and look through sales ads and look through my favorite cookbooks and plan the menu.

3. I shop Harris Teeter weekly. I go online. I have a VIC card and I’m an e-VIC customer. I sales shop and match e-VIC and coupons together. I LOVE Harris Teeter! If I have grumpy toddler screaming her head off, I can shop online and pay online. I just drive up and my van is loaded for me. It’s very inexpensive and saves money too.They take coupons this way also but it is taken off your next shopping trip.

4. I use Cash back and rebate apps. I have these APPS :


I can send invites to join.


if you join and use code 8cm25g you get $10 welcome bonus and I’ll get $5.00 referral.


I can send invites if You’d like to join via your email address


if you join using my link you earn 150SB swagbucks and I get 15SB for a 10% referral

-Checkout 51  and

-Walmart Savings Catcher

5. I used to be an avid cloth diaper user. Those save A LOT of money. I no long use cloth diapers since my accident. Currently all diapers are purchased through Amazon Prime at so I get free front door shipping and we never run out unless I delay a shipment.

6. I purchase many of my cleansers through my own personal Melaluca Store.

Would you like some cheese with that?….Survival Mode

I have wanted to blog but have lacked the time. We have had an unusually busy schedule and with my dead slaves (washer and dryer) I spend at least 2 to 3 trips a week at a laundromat. The owner is really nice and will help me and whomever I bring as a helper to my van, even though that is not his job. I am enjoying getting laundry done quicker. Instead of a half a day or more job, it takes a couple of hours.

We are approaching the end of our journey as one. This baby and I. My BP has been steadily rising over the past week or so. The hyperemesis is not being controlled by the Zofran. I am hoping to go into spontaneous labor sans induction. I am nervous about pending delivery, I tend to get ppd pretty bad lately, so I hope it is a normal labor, so I can quickly recover and return to exercising which really helps me stabilize my hormones better.

One of the twins plans to by a car this week. I am praying she and her sister can get themselves around  without my help now. Allowing me more time to spend with the boys,cooking, cleaning, sleeping and enjoying a new baby soon. It should be a blessing to our entire family in that way. I am so fatigued lately. Today I am doing a manic cleaning but I am so low energy I feel the need to lay down, although I have not since getting up.

We are on the hunt for a bunk bed. I specifically wanted a red metal to match the current one in the boy’s room, but at this point I just want a bunk bed set. I have a little guy sleeping on my sofa who needs a bed. Maybe I should pray for one again.

I think there is some water damage from my sink area. The middle of my kitchen floor feels “weird” and the old linoleum is cracking. I’m not sure whether to call a plumber first or if it is just old. Either way, I need a new sub-floor in my kitchen and new tile. I try not to freak out as things stop working in my old house. I happened to hear about Habitat’s Critical Home Repair and I am almost desperate enough to call and see if someone can come out and diagnose our problem with the kitchen floor. I want to fix it quickly. My overactive, hyper-analytical self is having all sorts of thoughts, like me walking into the kitchen to prepare a lovely meal for my family and falling through the kitchen floor.

I am so NOT sleeping well when I do sleep. I think baby has days and nights mixed up already. I have had intense back pain with contractions since Thursday and I simply can not get comfortable, despite taking every spare pillow in the house and propping something up with it.

My OB Dr. D. is going to be in and out-of-town over the next few weeks(family emergency). This has sent me into numerous panic attacks. I have one person whom I trust. I have an awfully long list of bad care received and not enough good to match. I don’t expect a lot. Some people just can not treat you a an individual. I am one that demands to not be lumped in a box or category with everyone else. I want to go to the hospital, have assistance if I need it and not be micro managed. My Dr. D gets it, some others get it, most do not. I am trying to trust that God will work it ALL out. Like HE did with DH has a full-time job with benefits! We have health insurance just in time for baby’s birth. That is a Big weight off my shoulders.  I need to get a sense of peace about the rest of the current happenings.

We should be better off financially, when I can save gas money. Still working on our water bill. We need to  get several people to trim their showers down from 45 minutes to 10 minutes. How do you do that?? A plumber told me, he can attach a regulator to my hot water heater. I can shut it of manually or digitally I think. I will probably need to invest in this to save water and money.  Maybe I’ll regain some energy. I am usually a pretty high-strung, hyper person. Being able to cook all of our meals again will keep us from breaking our food budget.

I am Currently in survival mode until further notice!

Busy Tuesdays

Tuesdays are our Classical Conversation meeting days. They are full and fun and exhausting!

We start the day with baths and breakfast. Today the boys ate beef sausage and blueberry DeWafflebaker’s pancakes. There was a buy one get one free sale at Bi-Lo and I printed a couple of coupons online making them less than a dollar per pack!

We drop sisters off at the local CC and off we go to our meeting day.

We meet together the entire group for announcements, Pledge of Allegiance, Pledge to the bible, prayer and dismissal to class.

Then we go to our separate classes. I sit in Foundations with my little boys. There or 8 children in each classroom for the tutors to work with.

The littles are thoroughly enjoying their renditions of Famous artist painting. Even Jesse is working really hard on painting.

Science experiments have been really fun too. Getting the children physically involved to understand concepts.

Learning is FUN!

We leave, pick up the girls and go home. Give dad the van to take D to basketball practice. I try to stay awake and get dinner started. Sometimes I fall asleep at the kitchen table waiting on the oven to pre-heat. So I frequently set the timer to wake me in 20 minutes.

Today was a good day. Good night!

VBS stirs up a mixed bag of emotions.. miscellaneous post?

The children Sam and Noah have enjoyed their week of VBS. Friday concludes the week with a fun family filled event. I shall upload soon pictures of the decorations and some of the boys 🙂
The girls enjoyed volunteering to teach and such. The little boys enjoyed the festivities.

We have been praying for the children who attend. We found out on day 2, many of the children who attended were starving. Their parents work,full-time minimum wage jobs, all day. These sweet young children attended VBS starving. They practically inhaled their food and looked for more. We packed food and sent it home with them. Our church runs a food pantry, I’m am not sure if it is because of hard times or vacations, our church’s food pantry has run low. I feel a wee part responsible for this.
R hasn’t worked since May, so I have not bought any extras or contributed to the food pantry.
I have a fear of running out of food and worried my kids are starving. I have also feared becoming homeless. I am trying to believe, God will really take care of us, HE promised He will in HIS word. God sent us to help provide for these hungry children. He has someone, who will give my husband a job, or provide for us in some way.
I became really desperate one day. I have been filling job applications and having job interviews also. For me to return to work as a registered nurse, I must first take a refresher course (roughly $600), due to the amount of time I have been away from working in the hospital. I must also retake classes for my advanced cardiac life support certification. I let those expire years ago because of the cost and also, I had no plans to return to work with small children. I found out I can teach a classical conversations class to help me pay for my children’s enrollment.(Our classical co-op) I need to work nights so I may teach the children during the day. Doing non-nursing work will make it difficult. Requiring me to work more hours to make enough to pay the bills and catch up on payments.
I am contemplating making a page to list ALL of our school curriculum books,that we are not using, for sale. I will take pictures of them with a description and maybe IBSN’S. I will try to figure out paypal and set up a link for book payment and mail books via media mail, unless other specifically requested. All of the books are not current editions.

I also need to revamp my resume.

I feel like a displaced, misplaced homemaker, I am going to try and stay encouraged.

Maybe some people are praying for us.

God will meet our needs!

This one handed typing is irritating, going to lay sleeping Jesse in his bed right now!

Ahhh much better.

Well I guess I should go to bed also.
A friend from church, whom one of my girls babysits for,gave us an invitation to throw a pool party for the twin’s 19th birthday. So I shall be waking in a few short hours, to get things done Friday morning. I will need time to get all the little boys cleaned up and ready for the VBS festivities Friday evening.I am unsure if my husband or older boys are coming with. So I will have my hands full. I will set my coffee maker to brew at 7am and start my crock-pot shortly thereafter.

I got a Good Deal at Target

I am by no means one of those super coupon people. I do use them for mostly household items that are on sale or doubled or tripled at whomever has the best deal at the time.

Last week I was given about 6-$3.00 off Nivea shower soap coupons. I already had 2 of my own.

I went to Target looking for some other things on sale, like toothpaste. I saw the Nivea on sale for 3.19 per bottle. YES, I used all 8 coupons. I bought 8 bottles of the shower soap for 19 cents times 8 plus tax. YES, $25.oo dollars worth of shower gel for about two dollars!! The older lady that rang my purchases up asked me twice,”Did you really buy all of this stuff?”

I pulled ALL of the items out of my cloth bags and pointed at the labels and the receipt, proving I had all of the items. She shakes her head and stares at my receipt at least 30 seconds, before she begrudgingly  hands it to me.  This was a great deal for my large family. We rarely get deals this great.  I have felt my local Target’s customer service has been severely lacking lately. Maybe it is because I tend to shop when they first open and their workers are still sleeping? Maybe I’ll bring her a cup-a-coffee one day?

I am still trying to adjust their addition of a  grocery area to our Target. I just don’t know their layout anymore. They are no longer Target. They are Super Target.

I am so excited about good deals!!

Mother’s Day

I gave a post to itself. I woke up in a bad mood. I felt hot. My house was a mess. I did not get enough sleep so I was a poor sport.

I slept till 11am so I skipped church. My husband let me sleep in and kept the household quiet. I watched The Elevation Experience on television. I ate a scrambled  egg burrito for breakfast and sat on the deck for awhile.

When I returned to the kitchen to sit at the table an quietly have my coffee, I was mobbed by my children. They came bearing homemade cards full of quotes that I love!!!!! And gifts. Every child gave me a pair of earrings in different colors. I am in love!!

Gifts from my gifts
A Card
Aww from my 4yo