Thank You KIND Stranger!! May God richly Bless You and Your family!

We were blessed today.

Someone called and said they will pay our past due water bills to catch us up. It has been a bane of our existence. Simply impossible to catch up even though DH has been back at work for awhile now.

We were blessed that we had savings and survived almost 9 months without real income before things got behind. Then DH had part-time temporary jobs which only covered some of the bills so it was a cruel game of juggling what would get turned off or disconnected. That is what we would pay.

We never really told anyone how bad things got. If asked, we told someone, who inquired ,that we were trying to catch up but it seems impossible.

We haven’t expected any help from anyone. Too many people seem to be in the same situation or worst. We hear all the time of even more people being laid off.

We live in the South and people ask you how you are doing often. It is just common courtesy type of thing. They don’t REALLY want to know how you are doing and they definitely do not want details. They just want to hear good, fine, blessed or the like and move on with their day. (I am not like that and it has taken me awhile to get used to this custom. I tend to help anyone who ask for help if I am able to. )

I gave her our name and account number and she says it should be paid in full before next Friday. It may show up in the next 24 hours. The person I talked to happens to be in charge of a charity that helps people a lot. The day she spoke to me, I was running errands. She happened to ask on a day that I desperately needed to talk or vent. I don’t believe that I was really complaining. It was a God thing! I feel blessed, I can take a breath of fresh air.

I’ve  wondered how God would take care of this situation but have been trying to completely just give it to HIM and stop worrying.

We have always…  always paid our bills on time or even early. So the past year with the layoff was a learning experience for us.

I think I sort of felt let down and like” God, we are tithers…why is this happening to us?” As if doing the right thing is supposed to make you completely immune to the results of evils or misjudgments of others. I have learned that it does NOT. Bad things happen to anyone and every one at any given time. Evil is in the world and people suffer. PERIOD.

I am going to bed and rest a good peaceful sleep. I am thankful for the generosity of others and that someone was truly listening to me and not just being courteous and following a Southern custom. She actually heard what I said and wanted to help.

My Lovely Daughters

She gave me a hug. God with skin on. She gave me a sticky note. I trust You Jesus. You died for my sins. There is nothing I’ve done to cause the series of unfortunate events of the past. I am not being punished. I can use this time to draw nearer to God.

December 13, 2011 Thankful List

Daniel cleaned the living room! I can see my floor again. It is December 13th and we have no decorations up yet. I usually am excited, bake cookies with the kids, plan fun stuff to do, we love crafts and such. This year I believe the gloomies have taken residence in me and have not the faintest clue of how to evict them.

I have been praying a lot. I decided that maybe I should list as many things that I can think of that I am thankful for.

December 13, 2011 Thankful List

1. God loves me unconditionally

2. He sent His Son to save me

3. He has much grace for me

4.  My husband loves me

5.  My husband has a job

6.  Most of my children are caring people and hard workers.

7.  A lawyer may be able to help us keep our home. We have lived here for 15 years.

8.  We have a decent sized wood stove, so we can keep our house warm.

9.  I have had some great nurses caring for me, who actually seem to care and are not just doing their job.

10. My teeth aren’t hurting.

11. I still have morning sickness but I am able to keep down food now.

12. I can feel baby moving around.

13. My children are fed well.

14. We have relatively fresh filtered water to drink.

15. I have a great group of friends with my local Classical Conversations. They are definitely a God inspired group. I literally would not know what to do without them.

16. I have some great internet friends, some whom I have met and some who I have not met , but would love to meet one day!

17. We own our minivan, no payments and it runs.

18. My husband makes more than minimum wage.

19. My husband works so close to home that he rides his bike and I get to keep the van. I don’t have to get up early to take him to work or wake up early to pick him up from work or all of the crazy schedule stuff I have done this year for his temp jobs.

20. I  love planning meals, cleaning house and taking care of my family in general.

21. Daniel cleaned my living room without me asking or offering bribes or rewards.

22. I have the best mother-in-law and father-in-law. They are hard working, down to earth, just really good people.

23. My regular internal medicine doctor really listens. He heard my stomach pains and is the only doctor who felt I should be tested for celiacs. My other doctors said I just had to live forever with my IBS symptoms. This year is the first year when I have actually felt “Alive” physically.

24. Glasses. Without them my vision is poor. I am very thankful for my glasses.

25. My old Canon camera. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It takes excellent pictures to be so old.

VBS stirs up a mixed bag of emotions.. miscellaneous post?

The children Sam and Noah have enjoyed their week of VBS. Friday concludes the week with a fun family filled event. I shall upload soon pictures of the decorations and some of the boys 🙂
The girls enjoyed volunteering to teach and such. The little boys enjoyed the festivities.

We have been praying for the children who attend. We found out on day 2, many of the children who attended were starving. Their parents work,full-time minimum wage jobs, all day. These sweet young children attended VBS starving. They practically inhaled their food and looked for more. We packed food and sent it home with them. Our church runs a food pantry, I’m am not sure if it is because of hard times or vacations, our church’s food pantry has run low. I feel a wee part responsible for this.
R hasn’t worked since May, so I have not bought any extras or contributed to the food pantry.
I have a fear of running out of food and worried my kids are starving. I have also feared becoming homeless. I am trying to believe, God will really take care of us, HE promised He will in HIS word. God sent us to help provide for these hungry children. He has someone, who will give my husband a job, or provide for us in some way.
I became really desperate one day. I have been filling job applications and having job interviews also. For me to return to work as a registered nurse, I must first take a refresher course (roughly $600), due to the amount of time I have been away from working in the hospital. I must also retake classes for my advanced cardiac life support certification. I let those expire years ago because of the cost and also, I had no plans to return to work with small children. I found out I can teach a classical conversations class to help me pay for my children’s enrollment.(Our classical co-op) I need to work nights so I may teach the children during the day. Doing non-nursing work will make it difficult. Requiring me to work more hours to make enough to pay the bills and catch up on payments.
I am contemplating making a page to list ALL of our school curriculum books,that we are not using, for sale. I will take pictures of them with a description and maybe IBSN’S. I will try to figure out paypal and set up a link for book payment and mail books via media mail, unless other specifically requested. All of the books are not current editions.

I also need to revamp my resume.

I feel like a displaced, misplaced homemaker, I am going to try and stay encouraged.

Maybe some people are praying for us.

God will meet our needs!

This one handed typing is irritating, going to lay sleeping Jesse in his bed right now!

Ahhh much better.

Well I guess I should go to bed also.
A friend from church, whom one of my girls babysits for,gave us an invitation to throw a pool party for the twin’s 19th birthday. So I shall be waking in a few short hours, to get things done Friday morning. I will need time to get all the little boys cleaned up and ready for the VBS festivities Friday evening.I am unsure if my husband or older boys are coming with. So I will have my hands full. I will set my coffee maker to brew at 7am and start my crock-pot shortly thereafter.