Thank You KIND Stranger!! May God richly Bless You and Your family!

We were blessed today.

Someone called and said they will pay our past due water bills to catch us up. It has been a bane of our existence. Simply impossible to catch up even though DH has been back at work for awhile now.

We were blessed that we had savings and survived almost 9 months without real income before things got behind. Then DH had part-time temporary jobs which only covered some of the bills so it was a cruel game of juggling what would get turned off or disconnected. That is what we would pay.

We never really told anyone how bad things got. If asked, we told someone, who inquired ,that we were trying to catch up but it seems impossible.

We haven’t expected any help from anyone. Too many people seem to be in the same situation or worst. We hear all the time of even more people being laid off.

We live in the South and people ask you how you are doing often. It is just common courtesy type of thing. They don’t REALLY want to know how you are doing and they definitely do not want details. They just want to hear good, fine, blessed or the like and move on with their day. (I am not like that and it has taken me awhile to get used to this custom. I tend to help anyone who ask for help if I am able to. )

I gave her our name and account number and she says it should be paid in full before next Friday. It may show up in the next 24 hours. The person I talked to happens to be in charge of a charity that helps people a lot. The day she spoke to me, I was running errands. She happened to ask on a day that I desperately needed to talk or vent. I don’t believe that I was really complaining. It was a God thing! I feel blessed, I can take a breath of fresh air.

I’ve  wondered how God would take care of this situation but have been trying to completely just give it to HIM and stop worrying.

We have always…  always paid our bills on time or even early. So the past year with the layoff was a learning experience for us.

I think I sort of felt let down and like” God, we are tithers…why is this happening to us?” As if doing the right thing is supposed to make you completely immune to the results of evils or misjudgments of others. I have learned that it does NOT. Bad things happen to anyone and every one at any given time. Evil is in the world and people suffer. PERIOD.

I am going to bed and rest a good peaceful sleep. I am thankful for the generosity of others and that someone was truly listening to me and not just being courteous and following a Southern custom. She actually heard what I said and wanted to help.

My Lovely Daughters

She gave me a hug. God with skin on. She gave me a sticky note. I trust You Jesus. You died for my sins. There is nothing I’ve done to cause the series of unfortunate events of the past. I am not being punished. I can use this time to draw nearer to God.

2 thoughts on “Thank You KIND Stranger!! May God richly Bless You and Your family!

    1. And when I ask how someone’s doing, I don’t want to hear his stock answer. I’m trying to come up with a question to replace “How are you.” I want a question that goes deeper, though it may annoy some…


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