I got a Good Deal at Target

I am by no means one of those super coupon people. I do use them for mostly household items that are on sale or doubled or tripled at whomever has the best deal at the time.

Last week I was given about 6-$3.00 off Nivea shower soap coupons. I already had 2 of my own.

I went to Target looking for some other things on sale, like toothpaste. I saw the Nivea on sale for 3.19 per bottle. YES, I used all 8 coupons. I bought 8 bottles of the shower soap for 19 cents times 8 plus tax. YES, $25.oo dollars worth of shower gel for about two dollars!! The older lady that rang my purchases up asked me twice,”Did you really buy all of this stuff?”

I pulled ALL of the items out of my cloth bags and pointed at the labels and the receipt, proving I had all of the items. She shakes her head and stares at my receipt at least 30 seconds, before she begrudgingly  hands it to me.  This was a great deal for my large family. We rarely get deals this great.  I have felt my local Target’s customer service has been severely lacking lately. Maybe it is because I tend to shop when they first open and their workers are still sleeping? Maybe I’ll bring her a cup-a-coffee one day?

I am still trying to adjust their addition of a  grocery area to our Target. I just don’t know their layout anymore. They are no longer Target. They are Super Target.

I am so excited about good deals!!

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