Pastor Mirly

This morning about 1am the beloved Pastor Mirly died.

He was one of a few of the first people at Resurrection who talked to me and welcomed me, the first few times I visited about 8 years ago. He was a very wise man, loving and caring. He has a beautiful family both inside and out. They are all hard working, sweet spirited, loving and giving people. They are the picture of who we should be and what we are striving to be here on earth as Children of God.

I had child number 6 a little over four years ago. I can not remember if I told him people were saying things about me having another baby  in an unkind or harsh way or if he just heard on his own. I believe he said to me that he was child number 8 in his family. I don’t completely remember the conversation details. Knowing how much God has used him in my life and hundreds of others or maybe thousands in his lifetime. Encouraging me in cultivating a personal relationship with God. I thought really hard about that and felt more a sense of joy from my colicky screaming child that people told me I should not even ask for help with because I knew what I was getting myself into and had not stopped it. I had a severe case of ppd with Noah. He was so encouraging to me and prayed over Noah and I . He wanted me to know that I am not alone. God IS with me.

Noah was a SCREAMER not a crier. He still is pretty loud and sensitive to things we never notice. Pastor Mirly knew that God would, will one day, use this child to be the Glory of God. Noah is a blessing.

I am so privileged and honored to have been allowed to meet Pastor Mirly and for him to have played such an integral part of this thing called my life.

I love you Pastor Mirly and know you are enjoying sitting with Jesus!!

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