How I Save on our Groceries

I was asked a few days ago by Numerous Facebook friends what ways do I personally save on groceries. I didn’t get questions specifically for food, so this is for food and other items I buy.

1.Hubby and I are avid Aldi shoppers. Aldi has saved us so much on our grocery budget! Their foods are of good quality and taste as good as name brand items. This is where we get the majority of our groceries.

2. I plan our menu for the week, sometimes two if I have a lot going on. I go online and look through sales ads and look through my favorite cookbooks and plan the menu.

3. I shop Harris Teeter weekly. I go online. I have a VIC card and I’m an e-VIC customer. I sales shop and match e-VIC and coupons together. I LOVE Harris Teeter! If I have grumpy toddler screaming her head off, I can shop online and pay online. I just drive up and my van is loaded for me. It’s very inexpensive and saves money too.They take coupons this way also but it is taken off your next shopping trip.

4. I use Cash back and rebate apps. I have these APPS :


I can send invites to join.


if you join and use code 8cm25g you get $10 welcome bonus and I’ll get $5.00 referral.


I can send invites if You’d like to join via your email address


if you join using my link you earn 150SB swagbucks and I get 15SB for a 10% referral

-Checkout 51  and

-Walmart Savings Catcher

5. I used to be an avid cloth diaper user. Those save A LOT of money. I no long use cloth diapers since my accident. Currently all diapers are purchased through Amazon Prime at so I get free front door shipping and we never run out unless I delay a shipment.

6. I purchase many of my cleansers through my own personal Melaluca Store.

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