My van represents a sense of freedom and independence.

My van represents a sense of freedom. For so long after the accident, I couldn’t drive. I was dependent on others for rides everywhere.  After my spinal surgery, then healing and recovery from it, I’ve been able to drive again. Me, the boys and Anna can go to the library, grocery store, field trips, visit my parents with the minivan.

My van is the year that is known to have the most trouble, 2005. The issues are commonly transmission problems. My van has spent almost all of this year in the shop with the mechanic. It’s still currently there, finally getting a replacement or rebuilt engine.
Retrospectively, I would have bought the van I really wanted. It was a 2012, and I would have taken it to Compact Cars for a free prepurchase inspection.
Compact Care Service

6177 E Independence Blvd Charlotte NC 28212

I regret my van purchase. My van was bought from a mechanic whose wife drove it around with her 2 kids. She wanted a Jeep or something less “Mom Car”! They claimed there were no issues with it. It was her daily driver, it had brand new tires, brand new spark plugs, fresh oil change, and new air filter.
I regret compromising on my choices. I regret not going with my gut feeling and 100% of what I wanted to do with replacing my much needed van. I didn’t really want anything before 2008. Only because of the 2005 transmission issue. These vans are otherwise known for driving into 350,000 easily.

I am ready to have my van back or get something else more reliable. Unfortunately I don’t have enough funds to get another Honda Odyssey Touring. I don’t do vehicle payments ( I don’t buy something I can’t afford to pay cash for).

You live and you learn. 

You trust a bit less and have less patience.

My mantra…. No matter what happens….I’m happy to be able to mother my kiddos on this side of earth and I’m so grateful we were allowed to keep Anneliese!!!

Life is good!

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