New Years Resolutions

The Girl's Fun Henna Tats from RenFest 2011

I have not really been one to make resolutions. I usually have smaller monthly goals that seem more attainable.  This year as a BlogHer challenge I sat down and made some new years resolutions.

I have resolved to give myself a break. Not get lazy or anything but just not drive myself when I really need to sit and rest for a minute. I am saying no to more things and trying to focus on a few things and do them very well. I know that is hard to do being the mom of eight children. I must multitask but I will purpose not to get gratification from things.

I resolve to enjoy my family more in slowing down. Let some things go so I can sit and enjoy the board games and coloring or playing cars on the floor once in a while with the boys. I think I will regret more missing some quality time than the cleaning and scrubbing I can be obsessive about at times.

I have resolved to go to bed at a more decent hour most nights instead of missing precious sleep to catch up on cleaning and computer time.  Rest is so healing to a weary body and mind!

I resolved to insist on more frequent communication with DH and not letting tiredness, kids schedules, or whatever creeps in to come in between us.

I have resolved to not take personal anything people say about me good or bad. It is just their opinion and everyone is entitled to an opinion I guess? Right or wrong.

2012 Is my year for slowing down and listening for God’s direction and feeling HIS peace daily!