No food waste to report this Friday. I believe I cheated again.

Barely cooking, barely shopping. Some days I cooks to late.

Breakfasts are mostly cold. Lunch is cold sandwiches and dinner I cook late.

I have majored in napology this week. I seem to either be overwhelmingly tired or overwhelming hungry.  Maybe it has something to do with being seven months pregnant and feeling slow and huge?

I have too many plans for dinner but I really want someone to bring us dinner already cooked and paper plates so I don’t have any dishes to wash and can sleep more. Most days by the end of the day I am quite deliriously exhausted.  I haven’t been enforcing undone chores. I have been too tired to parent, I have been asleep. When I notice undone things, my people are away at their activities: Community College,Part time job or basketball practice or some other important cause. Maybe if I insisted on everyone doing their share, I will be less tired and have more time to be Mom.

2 thoughts on “FOOD WASTE FRIDAY:

    1. Thank You. I should take a picture of my refridgerators. They are almost empty. I plan to really scrub them out today. Tomorrow I will actually do my grocery shopping that I normally do on Saturday but was too spent. Dh worked and I did not want to shopping with the children.(TOO Tired)


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