I am too embarrassed to list all of my food waste. Some is over the past two weeks. No excuses. Well maybe…. Morning sickness…ALL DAY SICKNESS has made it nearly impossible for me to make decent meals. I kind of throw things together lately. Crock pot is great on days when I can let it sit on my deck all day. I can’t stand the smell of food or nearly anything else.


I made some gluten free cornbread for myself. It taste gluten free. I can’t stomach it so the dogs will eat it. I have some spent bananas and plan to make a normal batch of chocolate chip banana muffins and maybe 6 gluten free ones. But I probably should not even attempt some for me. Just the thought makes me feel queasy. Maybe another time.


Someone gave me a lot of natural peanut butter, probably 6 of these containers. I think we used 4. These last 2 smell rancid. BOO! ICK!!


R (my husband) gave the dogs some yucky smelling brown rice earlier. It was pushed to the back of the refrigerator in No Man’s Land (pronounced like that really old television show from my youth…




I know I can be quite the drama queen 😉

Well, I need help eek. I make list but need to know what has worked for other HyperEmesis moms who need to cook and don’t have someone else to cook for you? Or moms with chronic illnesses? How do you survive without help?