I have been blog surfing looking for memes of the day. Hoping to get me out of this melancholy state that I am in. There are so many to chose from. I plan to post tomorrow for Kristen’s Food  Waste Friday.

I have decided to seriously look for something daily that makes me smile and capture a photo of it if possible.

I realized today that it has been at least a month since I have attended church. I burn copies of Sundays’ services from our church. Today, I had 3 weeks of Sundays to work on. I just haven’t felt well. I am usually a people person. I have not wanted to talk. It seems to deprive me of energy these days. It also can be lonely. It’s strange, I  really would not mind company. I just don’t feel like talking. I guess it is a stage of grief. I don’t really know. I would like to be out of this “funk” soon.

Back to memes…. I will post my plans when I figure out which ones more suit me and will be fun and not so much of a chore.

3 thoughts on “Memes

  1. @Melissa Thank You so much for your words of encouragement. You hit the nail on the head. I feel as if I am just existing, barely functioning, forgetful, melancholic. I want to be apart of life but it takes more energy than I have at present.


  2. Your words sound so reminiscent of when I was going through that time waiting for
    Corban to be born. I was apart of life, but not hardly functioning, just existing. The Lord knows where you are at, just keep talking to Him each day.


    1. Thank You Melissa. It helps my heart to heal when I see your walk so eloquently. I know that God will help heal the wound left behind after losing a baby. So many do not want to allow you to grieve. We know and understand fully who we are grieving for and that this is one less person whom we will get to meet on this side of heaven. I think I am still in grief mode even though it has been over a month now. So much is going on that I walk aroound feeling as if I am a raw open wound. I need God to heal me from the inside out.


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