Classical Conversations

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves
throughout their lives.” ~~ Robert Maynard Hutchins


I attended a 3 day parent practicum in the Huntersville Area last week. It was the best thing that could have happened, at the right time. I have a renewed drive to follow a calling that God put in our family. I have listened so long to negative and I have needed help. I did not have the right kind of support to do it. Now I have a list of people who are praying for me and a list of people of  whom I may call when times get hard, who will remind me of things and give practical support.

I know homeschooling “isn’t for everybody”, even though I feel anyone can teach their own children.  I made some mistakes with my oldest twin daughter graduates, but they can wear the t-shirt that says, “I survived homeschooling!”  My  sons are different and learning looks different. I have permission for that to be okay. I used to be so hard on myself because we were not doing what everyone else is doing. Now I realize that we are learning differently but we are learning what we need to learn for a good solid classical education.  It’s is okay to accommodate your child’s need, for example; I have a child, he bounces while he is being read to, or he sits and turns.  He has to be in motion. That is not okay for public school or even private schools. It is okay for home, I have learned that when he is moving, he is listening to me. There was a  time when my focus was making him sit still and looking at me or my direction. He would mentally leave the room, you could see a blank look on his face. He could not answer questions. He just was not there. Do what works to teach your children.  However they are made, God made them for a purpose. Work with who you have, instead of spending time focusing on something that is really not that  important, but things others may look at and think you are clueless, like you child not  sitting  still. He is listening and he is learning, be happy and content.

I never wish hard times on any one. It feels good when you know you are not alone. Finding other people, who have survived trials, gives you a feeling that you can survive a trial too. I am now a big believer, that we need a support group of like minds.

2 thoughts on “Classical Conversations

  1. This was great advice and something that I need to remember as my boys are sitting on the couch upside down while I am trying to go over reading!!! :- )


    1. Thank You. It was timely for me also. I felt I was “doing home school wrong” because my style, order or lack there of, needing to let the boys run around the blog or bounce on the trampoline and various other “abnormal practices”. I now feel I have permission to just let my boys learn how they learn. That is just a perk of homeschooling them. My adhd child does not have to sit at a desk.,except during dictation/handwriting, which works for us. He learns. I have a new love for teaching my children. I am not looking at the exterior, but their hearts. I know their hearts are obedient even when the body isn’t able to cooperate together yet. Story times now are fun, not a chore.


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