No time.

I haven’t had time to blog.
R has new job, starts on Tuesday.
I have so many things to get done on my to do list before starting school in a week.
We have one vehicle, so I had to make a schedule that I stick to strictly. I have had to get littles going to bed much earlier.
I will be rising at 430am instead of 530am this year. One hour is a big deal. I will be okay, I just need the little boys in bed early and my older kids need to be quiet all lights out by 1000pm and no later.

I have a camera full of pictures I need to download. I have a few post I have written in my notebook while waiting at the doctor’s office for my appoinment

I spoke with the bank, some how they will work out payments with us to keep us from loosing our home.

Today we are supposed to be going to a reunion a a church we attended years ago. Me and the older children are going, R is staying home with the littles. I would rather stay home, I am too tired to go anywhere. I despise feeling so tired. The hematology/oncology office will call and set up an appointment for me to spend the day at the hospital receiving an iron treatment. I told the Friday is more convenient because my daughters do not have class on Friday. They start Fall semester this week. We are waiting for Kayla also to be scheduled with her new job. She is supposed to receive two weeks training.

My days will be long. David’s cross country practice will be in the afternoons now instead of mornings, like it has been the past month.

Lots of my home school books have started selling on under the name SimplyFreeLife. I am trying to sell all of my books that I don’t use or do not plan to use, at least any time soon.

Going to rest a moment before I get dressed.


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