October 28,2011 Ramblings

Working on returning to blogging and other things that I find relaxing and comforting. I don’t know how to adjust to this new schedule yet. It is taking me awhile to catch up on housework. Seems like I barely maintain, let alone catch up. I am learning to let go of my perfectionism these days. Listening more to God and my body and resting. I did get up at 330am to do dishes that one of my children did not do last night. I noticed all the lights on last night and got up to turn the off. I am trying to lower all

of our bills but it seems to be a lone venture. Our power bill has been crazy expensive and I feel we are wasting resources that we currently do not have.

Our water bill has also become exorbitantly expensive so I feel we must have our utility company check for water leaks as soon as possible.

Classical Conversations has been wonderful for my boys and I. Last year this time I was quite stressed and feeling a failure as a homeschooling parent. I met a wonderful group of ladies. It was such a God match. I could not have planned it better myself. We all have a love for God and an overwhelming desire to please HIM and do HIS will, regardless of what is happening around us. I feel so blessed that God has sent me to them and them to me. Most of my self doubt in the homeschooling department has left. We give one another accountability and fellowship of common minds.

I would like to start a Challenge group for my boys. I am not sure if that is too much for me yet or not. I have gotten better at saying no, when, at one time, I used to take on too much. I need to find out what the title of Director of Challenge group entails and also figure out which or if I am interested in being a Challenge tutor. I am trying to work “catch up” with my older boys. I want to teach their level stuff but also give them Foundations learning too. All of it make so much sense and is so important. My eldest son is not interested at all in Latin. People fail to realize the roots can teach us the meanings of so many English words and helps you learn any other foreign language much much easier.