CACAA Basketball Tournament

Tuesday was a super busy day. Culminating in a First time Championship Game win for the CUCA Warriors.

We being fifth seed played First Assembly.

We won the game 61 to 49.

We play the top team Central Academy at  Lake Park tomorrow at 430pm.  The sixth seed Fletcher plays second seed Carolina Christian at 6pm.  If we win, we play the winner of the second game at 6pm on Friday.

CUCA BBall Game Vs CCS

ACK!! Wake UP!! I shouted during the game. What happened to the defense? Why are you leaving gaps and watching them score? Box OUT!

Our guys were missing a starter tonight. ( He went on a family vacation.) It seemed to kill the morale for some of the team. They basically slept through the game. Awakening  in the fourth quarter and started playing but they still got beat. At least it was only by 20 points.

We should have won. How do you boost the moral of a team if they are already defeated in their own minds?

The game was truly frustrating to watch. I teach, You do your best no matter what. Whatever it is in life!

I enjoyed the fourth quarter. The guys played hard and were a worthy competition in the end. The crowd roared at Joshua’s AND ONE.

CCS Game
Another CCS Picture

Basketball Game Monday Night

Hoping and praying our eldest son feels well enough to play his basketball game tomorrow night. Hubby brought home a cold and shared it with our son :(. I am trying herbs an such to boost their immune systems.

We are excited. This will be the second game this season against one of our, DH and my, favorite basketball players of ALL time : Bobby Jones.

He currently coaches the varsity basketball team at CCS.

I plan to go and watch the game  and cheer on my son’s team!

New schedule and Update

R started nights on his job, which means he was working from 10pm til 6am. He went on job interviews and such immediately after he would drop the girls off at school. He was hired at several places. He actually took the job that was closest to our home. He now gets to ride his bike to work. He no longer works swing shift. He was a stable second shift job and make 1 dollar more per hour than he made at the job he started in August. So of course he quit that job. We were spending  almost half his paycheck on gasoline for the van. We were happy he had a job, but it really was a strain driving so far daily and I felt like I practically lived in the van. It is nice to be able to not drive all day.

Last week D. came in second in the school race against Pine Lake Prep. It was a first time in a long time. He just looked green that day. I think the pollen got to him? He did great despite not feeling well. I am proud of my tough,strong son for sucking it up and doing what needs to be done even when not feeling well. He is NOT a complainer and works so hard at everything he does.

Kl is working at our local grocery store. Usually several days per week.

The 3 little boys are doing great so far with home school. We are doing Classical Conversations. We are having lots of fun learning.

Kr continuing to heal from major surgery last December. She is doing well at school.

DJ is really into reading lately. So I am trying to keep him well supplied with really good books.

Mitchell Baldwin Basketball

All of last week,July 11th through July 15th, I spent my mornings working at Mitchell Baldwin Basketball.

Mitchell Baldwin ran an all day, week long, summer basketball camp at Charlotte United Christian Academy.

Mitchell Baldwin is the Owner and Founder of Mitchell Baldwin Basketball. Mitchell is a former starting point guard for the Charlotte 49ers. He had a staff which consisted of current and former professional basketball players and coaches. All having years of experience helping and developing today’s youth.

Mr. Baldwin teaches group and private lessons year round. Visit his website at