CUCA BBall Game Vs CCS

ACK!! Wake UP!! I shouted during the game. What happened to the defense? Why are you leaving gaps and watching them score? Box OUT!

Our guys were missing a starter tonight. ( He went on a family vacation.) It seemed to kill the morale for some of the team. They basically slept through the game. Awakening  in the fourth quarter and started playing but they still got beat. At least it was only by 20 points.

We should have won. How do you boost the moral of a team if they are already defeated in their own minds?

The game was truly frustrating to watch. I teach, You do your best no matter what. Whatever it is in life!

I enjoyed the fourth quarter. The guys played hard and were a worthy competition in the end. The crowd roared at Joshua’s AND ONE.

CCS Game
Another CCS Picture