Delivered May 22nd

After 24 hours of prelabor and 3 hours of hard labor I delivered my baby a little before midnight. I am recovering. My obgyn is running test to find out if there were any problems with the baby  and blood test to find out if there are problems with me. This is my third baby lost in less than a year.

Pastor Mirly

This morning about 1am the beloved Pastor Mirly died.

He was one of a few of the first people at Resurrection who talked to me and welcomed me, the first few times I visited about 8 years ago. He was a very wise man, loving and caring. He has a beautiful family both inside and out. They are all hard working, sweet spirited, loving and giving people. They are the picture of who we should be and what we are striving to be here on earth as Children of God.

I had child number 6 a little over four years ago. I can not remember if I told him people were saying things about me having another baby  in an unkind or harsh way or if he just heard on his own. I believe he said to me that he was child number 8 in his family. I don’t completely remember the conversation details. Knowing how much God has used him in my life and hundreds of others or maybe thousands in his lifetime. Encouraging me in cultivating a personal relationship with God. I thought really hard about that and felt more a sense of joy from my colicky screaming child that people told me I should not even ask for help with because I knew what I was getting myself into and had not stopped it. I had a severe case of ppd with Noah. He was so encouraging to me and prayed over Noah and I . He wanted me to know that I am not alone. God IS with me.

Noah was a SCREAMER not a crier. He still is pretty loud and sensitive to things we never notice. Pastor Mirly knew that God would, will one day, use this child to be the Glory of God. Noah is a blessing.

I am so privileged and honored to have been allowed to meet Pastor Mirly and for him to have played such an integral part of this thing called my life.

I love you Pastor Mirly and know you are enjoying sitting with Jesus!!

Mother’s Day

I gave a post to itself. I woke up in a bad mood. I felt hot. My house was a mess. I did not get enough sleep so I was a poor sport.

I slept till 11am so I skipped church. My husband let me sleep in and kept the household quiet. I watched The Elevation Experience on television. I ate a scrambled  egg burrito for breakfast and sat on the deck for awhile.

When I returned to the kitchen to sit at the table an quietly have my coffee, I was mobbed by my children. They came bearing homemade cards full of quotes that I love!!!!! And gifts. Every child gave me a pair of earrings in different colors. I am in love!!

Gifts from my gifts
A Card
Aww from my 4yo

Hey?? It is Spring… Isn’t it??

What happened to spring?? We were in shorts and flip-flops last week, were we not? We had summer in the winter. Now winter in the spring? I am sitting here typing and it’s  43 degrees outside and 60 in here brrrr.

I dropped the girls and Noah off at school. The other boys and I spent the day doing school and baking. I made banana chocolate chip muffins and sweet potato chocolate chip muffins. I made shredded barbecue chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli for dinner.

Samuel is reading well. He hates…HATES when I have them practice handwriting. He says it’s so boring. I told him neat handwriting is important. Noah has really neat handwriting for a 4-year-old boy. It is scary to me that he has such attention to details. They work on handwriting together,at snack time after school, at the kitchen table, while I whip them up something to munch on.

IT was peaceful today..Cold..Cold..Cold..Peaceful.

Ronnie came home in a bad mood. I’m not sure completely why yet. He has been coughing a lot again. I hope his bronchitis has not returned. I think I’ll pick up the medicine the doctor wrote for him that he has not taken… See if I can MAKE him take it now? I wish I could persuade him to cover his mouth when he coughs. With my asthma, I tend to want to avoid rooms he is coughing in, I fear becoming sick and unable to care for my family. It has happened before. My home never recovers completely from my illnesses.  I have to scrub hard to get through all the layers of  dirt.

Well I suppose I shouldn’t  ‘go there’ should I?

Me and my never-ending list of rhetorical questions.

16 days

Wow it has been 16 days since I blogged. I have had a lot to post and tons of things done that I would love to remember. I’m not sure if I should break things up into a few post. That seems more logical. I have pictures. I can’t remember how I uploaded them last time.

My daughters are dancing in a play Beauty and the Beast being performed by students at CUCA ( the private Christian school that my older children play sports at) So every Saturday and several afternoons per week, I am on the road. The practices are an hour and a half. It usually doesn’t make since to go home just to turn right back around to pick them up. I have been super exhausted for a few weeks. No, I am not pregnant. So our schedule has been really hard on me. The girls had spring break March 7th through the 11th,2011. I thought I would get some rest that week since I was only driving Noah to school But that was not so. I am a super light sleeper and the girls like to keep late hours and I would hear them at 1am or 2am in their rooms talking or 3am in the shower. Or their blow dryers or the dishwasher running at 4am or a television left on all night that I was too tired to get up and turn off but nevertheless annoyed by it until  a second before I heard my alarm clock go off. Surely sleep deprivation is the etiology of my exhaustion.

March 14th The basketball coach starts open gym. Our basketball boys need to keep playing so they won’t lose their hard earned skills, like they did last year(oops). So two days per week I drive David to play bball at CUCA.  I realized Thursday 17th of that week that my natural food Coop order was still in my draft box. So i will have to wait 2 months for another order. I need some wheat for my flour. It is much cheaper through them than my local health food store. Friday the 18th we got our tax return check. So I went around catching up all of our bills that had gotten behind during my husbands layoff. Boy that felt great! Our van is paid in full we only had a couple of payments left. Our only debt is our house. I found out, because our home is worth less that we got a loan for it, we can possibly refinance it (for less payments monthly), our home owners insurance will be less because we have it insured for double of what it is worth because of the drop. We will be okay. I no longer feel pressure of having to find a place to put my children and getting an outside paying job to try and make ends meet. I have been doing little things here and there online for awhile  that gives me a little income but nothing major. This is a huge relief for me and I feel my children will be better for it.

Time to ReGroup

The children have recovered from there illnesses. I have been very busy, but I feel that I haven’t really accomplished anything or even kept up.  No one caught Influenza A from Noah, so I guess the praying, cleaning and medicines worked.

I am on my second round of antibiotics now finally feeling a bit better, My allergies are so bad. I seem to get sinus infections easily when I am around sick people.

I have had a hard week with my stomach problems. I sometimes forget the insidious products that have wheat in them until after I have already consumed them and feel pretty poorly. My belly swells and I look like I am pregnant until my immune system recovers from the noxious assault. Which takes over a week of strictly watching my diet.

Tuesday we Ronnie and I attended David’s Sports Banquet for Basketball and Cheerleading. It was a mini ordeal getting there. I gave My husband the wrong directions going. I have a problem getting lost a lot. I can drive there but I am terrible at giving directions unless I have been there at least dozen times. So we passed the banquet hall. OOPs. Then when we turned around  Ronnie wanted to know right then which side of the road to get on, but I needed to sort my thoughts but he would not be quiet , so I picked a side.. Yep wrong side so we had to turn again and wait at a super long light off a side road. OOPs.. It’s okay we made it before it started. We sat at the table with the AD and guest speaker and the Ladies Basketball Coach and her husband. I did not know we would sit there. They were nice company.

Guest speaker gave us a thought:


The sports games are temporal, make sure you are doing things that really matter for eternity. The other players are not your enemies but your brothers or sisters in Christ. We should behave accordingly. I love what he “preached” I wish I had a tape of it.

Wednesday. I got to see my doctor. I had missed 3 or 4 Wednesdays. I still need to reschedule the OBGYN appointment, that I canceled last month. I missed my small group. I was absolutely too tired to go. I also needed to make sure I tried to get my little boys back on schedule. I have been having really bad days with Noah. I ask God to help me constantly.

Today I had plans to make muffins and yogurt and catch up on laundry. But I had a few errands to run. I got really tired and actually did something I rarely do…  I actually took a mid day nap on a weekday. I felt pass out tired so I laid on my sofa with the little boys on the floor in front of me playing with the little Legos.

Friday I Have plans to make homemade pizza. I haven’t made the dough yet. So I need to remember to make it first thing in the morning after I drop Noah and the girls off at school. So it will have sat for a while before dinner.

I can’t think or write anymore right now. Good Night or morning.


Blog less Days

We have had warmer temperatures here so tree pollen has been high.

I am a glutton for punishment. I have severe seasonal allergies but I can not for the life of me stay inside on a nice day! Despite my desire to blog, some days my allergies take me out and I simply collapse after getting the littles in bed and wake up in the mornings a few minutes behind taking away my morning blogging time.

Monday ,Noah did not have school so, we had an interesting President’s Day.

Tuesday was David’s basketball tournament. Carolina Christian whipped them severely and First Assembly,the first game we watched,beat Fletcher.

I had some “office type” business to take care of, faxes and such. I LOVE the UPS Store. It is not super expensive and they do a lot of services there. Also if you make lots of copies, it is way cheaper to buy a copy card and make prints there than it is to buy refill black ink for similar amounts of prints.

We were without water service for 24 hours so we had sandwiches,chips and salad for dinner.

Today my husband tells me, he is really sick and he wants me to call the doctor and get him an appointment. (RARELY happens!) He said he was feeling a little short of breathe in spells and his chest hurts when he coughs. Doctor C. says its bronchitis and put him on antibiotic….zpak

My head REALLY hurts Dr C. wants me to take another 10 days of antibiotic for this reoccurring sinus infection. My ears are popping again… ominous sign. The tell tale earache.

I must go to bed now! Good night!

Return to normal programing:

Noah was better this morning , so I allowed him to return to preschool today. He had a good day according to his teachers. When I took him in this morning it was so cute, his entire classroom sung, “HI NOAH!!” He had told me he wasn’t going to school today and was not very happy. Once there he fell back into his routine, happily.

I returned home to commence disinfecting everything again. Trying to get all surfaces,clothing, bedding, lovies, anything I could think of. Swept cobwebs from corners also. Dusted and vacuumed. My house has to be the dustiest house on earth!!!

Girls were finished early at school today so I picked them up at lunch time. In the midst of home school and lunch. We are way off schedule since the flu hit our home.

We worked on Classical Conversations in the morning and Saxon Math in the afternoon. The little guys Samuel and Noah had penmanship homework at the kitchen table while I cooked.

I made brown rice, sautéed onions,steamed cabbage and carrots and reheated leftover cubed steak for dinner.

I drove David to basketball practice but Ronnie picked him up.

It was so warm today. I wore sort sleeve tee,blue jeans and flip-flops.

I am still having trouble trying to load photos from my Linux computer which I am currently typing from to this blog!!.. bummer!!

(Update: Saturday FEB19th, I have uploaded Flickr for Linux to my computer, it searches for photos and downloads them to my hard drive. I am slowing adding photos to my blog..yipee!!)

Diagnosis……Tamiflu to the rescue

So…… Noah has Influenza A  and a red-hot ear. He has had 2 doses of Tamiflu. Samuel is recovering from a mild case of the flu and Jesse  recovering from  double ear infections and sinus infections. The little  boys had a good night sleep with the phenergan cough syrup and singular. I don’t remember hearing a single cough after 930pm.

So far today I have spent the day disinfecting bedding,bathroom, living room and toys. The plan is to finish disinfecting the kitchen this afternoon and do some baking.  I have several spent bananas waiting to be made into banana chocolate chip muffins! {{{{{{{YUM}}}}}}}

Last night ,before bed,I fried cubed steak and put it into my small crockpot with gravy. Today I am making seasoned brown rice and may saute or stir fry cabbage, garlic and onions to go with it.

This will be my third week missing my small group meeting. They have plans to eat dinner at a restaurant. Sounds like fun but not currently in our budget. I know they will have fun!

I am still trying to figure out how to upload my photos here from linux?