Return to normal programing:

Noah was better this morning , so I allowed him to return to preschool today. He had a good day according to his teachers. When I took him in this morning it was so cute, his entire classroom sung, “HI NOAH!!” He had told me he wasn’t going to school today and was not very happy. Once there he fell back into his routine, happily.

I returned home to commence disinfecting everything again. Trying to get all surfaces,clothing, bedding, lovies, anything I could think of. Swept cobwebs from corners also. Dusted and vacuumed. My house has to be the dustiest house on earth!!!

Girls were finished early at school today so I picked them up at lunch time. In the midst of home school and lunch. We are way off schedule since the flu hit our home.

We worked on Classical Conversations in the morning and Saxon Math in the afternoon. The little guys Samuel and Noah had penmanship homework at the kitchen table while I cooked.

I made brown rice, sautéed onions,steamed cabbage and carrots and reheated leftover cubed steak for dinner.

I drove David to basketball practice but Ronnie picked him up.

It was so warm today. I wore sort sleeve tee,blue jeans and flip-flops.

I am still having trouble trying to load photos from my Linux computer which I am currently typing from to this blog!!.. bummer!!

(Update: Saturday FEB19th, I have uploaded Flickr for Linux to my computer, it searches for photos and downloads them to my hard drive. I am slowing adding photos to my blog..yipee!!)

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