Stealth Chip-Napping:

As I set out my ingredients for banana chocolate chip muffins this morning, I noticed over half a bag of chocolate chips are missing.

I remembered last night that my husband went to bed super early. He has been trying not to get the flu that is going around. I thought whoa he feels really bad he went to bed without saying goodnight. My children wont sneak ingredients, they always ask.

Everyone knows my least favorite place is the grocery store. I am sooo NOT fond of shopping and I plan out treats in our home. Trying to be thrifty and healthy.

I make a once per week, and sometimes once every two weeks, trip to Aldi and Walmart. I may stop in other stores once a week if there is a big sale and if I acquire a coupon making the item near free.

I saw a chocolate chip in our bed when I made it this morning. Then to find less than half a bag of chocolate chips today. UGH!

I am using up some spent bananas to save them from becoming food waste. I’d love to join Kristen in Food Waste Friday. My husband says  we never have food waste… we have dogs. Since I have been made more conscience of food waste we have, I plan much better, cook less excess and save money. Thank You Kristen!!

My children do not care for banana muffins, but they will gladly eat banana chocolate chip muffins. A suggestion was made that I make banana cupcakes and put icing on it. Icing covers a multitude of sins. I will use the chips I have and happily bake away.

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