Blog less Days

We have had warmer temperatures here so tree pollen has been high.

I am a glutton for punishment. I have severe seasonal allergies but I can not for the life of me stay inside on a nice day! Despite my desire to blog, some days my allergies take me out and I simply collapse after getting the littles in bed and wake up in the mornings a few minutes behind taking away my morning blogging time.

Monday ,Noah did not have school so, we had an interesting President’s Day.

Tuesday was David’s basketball tournament. Carolina Christian whipped them severely and First Assembly,the first game we watched,beat Fletcher.

I had some “office type” business to take care of, faxes and such. I LOVE the UPS Store. It is not super expensive and they do a lot of services there. Also if you make lots of copies, it is way cheaper to buy a copy card and make prints there than it is to buy refill black ink for similar amounts of prints.

We were without water service for 24 hours so we had sandwiches,chips and salad for dinner.

Today my husband tells me, he is really sick and he wants me to call the doctor and get him an appointment. (RARELY happens!) He said he was feeling a little short of breathe in spells and his chest hurts when he coughs. Doctor C. says its bronchitis and put him on antibiotic….zpak

My head REALLY hurts Dr C. wants me to take another 10 days of antibiotic for this reoccurring sinus infection. My ears are popping again… ominous sign. The tell tale earache.

I must go to bed now! Good night!

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