Saturday and Plans for the following week

We had another warm winter day today. We spent the day outside in the sun. The littles jumped on the trampoline. I played basketball with my big boys David and Daniel while my husband sat in the sun and watched.

I did not cook. We ate cereal for breakfast, sandwiches and fruit for lunch and pizza and fruit for dinner.

Kayla and I ventured off to Aldi for some weekly groceries.

This week is a busy basketball tournament week. So I planned some easy meals.

This week’s menu plan in no particular order:

-beef hot dogs, crockpot baked beans,slaw

-crockpot cubed steak and gravy, brown rice, steamed zucchini squash with onions

-baked hamburgers made with my meat loaf recipe, romaine salad

-If I need a quick meal but have no time to cook, we’ll have a tuna pasta salad on that day.

I plan to make more banana chocolate chip muffins. We have 2 quarts of yogurt left so I may need to make some more by Friday. I will be making homemade applesauce also.

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