Time to ReGroup

The children have recovered from there illnesses. I have been very busy, but I feel that I haven’t really accomplished anything or even kept up.  No one caught Influenza A from Noah, so I guess the praying, cleaning and medicines worked.

I am on my second round of antibiotics now finally feeling a bit better, My allergies are so bad. I seem to get sinus infections easily when I am around sick people.

I have had a hard week with my stomach problems. I sometimes forget the insidious products that have wheat in them until after I have already consumed them and feel pretty poorly. My belly swells and I look like I am pregnant until my immune system recovers from the noxious assault. Which takes over a week of strictly watching my diet.

Tuesday we Ronnie and I attended David’s Sports Banquet for Basketball and Cheerleading. It was a mini ordeal getting there. I gave My husband the wrong directions going. I have a problem getting lost a lot. I can drive there but I am terrible at giving directions unless I have been there at least dozen times. So we passed the banquet hall. OOPs. Then when we turned around  Ronnie wanted to know right then which side of the road to get on, but I needed to sort my thoughts but he would not be quiet , so I picked a side.. Yep wrong side so we had to turn again and wait at a super long light off a side road. OOPs.. It’s okay we made it before it started. We sat at the table with the AD and guest speaker and the Ladies Basketball Coach and her husband. I did not know we would sit there. They were nice company.

Guest speaker gave us a thought:


The sports games are temporal, make sure you are doing things that really matter for eternity. The other players are not your enemies but your brothers or sisters in Christ. We should behave accordingly. I love what he “preached” I wish I had a tape of it.

Wednesday. I got to see my doctor. I had missed 3 or 4 Wednesdays. I still need to reschedule the OBGYN appointment, that I canceled last month. I missed my small group. I was absolutely too tired to go. I also needed to make sure I tried to get my little boys back on schedule. I have been having really bad days with Noah. I ask God to help me constantly.

Today I had plans to make muffins and yogurt and catch up on laundry. But I had a few errands to run. I got really tired and actually did something I rarely do…  I actually took a mid day nap on a weekday. I felt pass out tired so I laid on my sofa with the little boys on the floor in front of me playing with the little Legos.

Friday I Have plans to make homemade pizza. I haven’t made the dough yet. So I need to remember to make it first thing in the morning after I drop Noah and the girls off at school. So it will have sat for a while before dinner.

I can’t think or write anymore right now. Good Night or morning.


2 thoughts on “Time to ReGroup

  1. Hi Angela (((Hugs))))
    Great to find out where you are blogging now! I have always enjoyed your sharing your life. I’ll be praying for your allergy issues!! Have a blessed week!


    1. Thank You Melissa. Even though my xanga site is a paid sit, I felt need for a change of scenery with all things that have happened this past year. This blog is like a fresh start of sorts. I may blog sometimes at my old blog too. But I live here now. Thank You for your hugs,prayers and blessings!


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