Food Waste Friday

I decided to join The Frugal Girl with posting my wasted food on Fridays in order to embarrass myself into not wasting food, using up what I do buy, and just simply being creative.

I do not have a picture of my food waste. I am working on learning how to get pictures from my camera to this website.

I made a really tasty chicken dressing casserole but I left it in the oven too long making it basically inedible. Our dogs really enjoyed it today. I felt sad when I realized I set the timer for several minutes too long. It looked to hard to eat.

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Stealth Chip-Napping:

As I set out my ingredients for banana chocolate chip muffins this morning, I noticed over half a bag of chocolate chips are missing.

I remembered last night that my husband went to bed super early. He has been trying not to get the flu that is going around. I thought whoa he feels really bad he went to bed without saying goodnight. My children wont sneak ingredients, they always ask.

Everyone knows my least favorite place is the grocery store. I am sooo NOT fond of shopping and I plan out treats in our home. Trying to be thrifty and healthy.

I make a once per week, and sometimes once every two weeks, trip to Aldi and Walmart. I may stop in other stores once a week if there is a big sale and if I acquire a coupon making the item near free.

I saw a chocolate chip in our bed when I made it this morning. Then to find less than half a bag of chocolate chips today. UGH!

I am using up some spent bananas to save them from becoming food waste. I’d love to join Kristen in Food Waste Friday. My husband says  we never have food waste… we have dogs. Since I have been made more conscience of food waste we have, I plan much better, cook less excess and save money. Thank You Kristen!!

My children do not care for banana muffins, but they will gladly eat banana chocolate chip muffins. A suggestion was made that I make banana cupcakes and put icing on it. Icing covers a multitude of sins. I will use the chips I have and happily bake away.

Return to normal programing:

Noah was better this morning , so I allowed him to return to preschool today. He had a good day according to his teachers. When I took him in this morning it was so cute, his entire classroom sung, “HI NOAH!!” He had told me he wasn’t going to school today and was not very happy. Once there he fell back into his routine, happily.

I returned home to commence disinfecting everything again. Trying to get all surfaces,clothing, bedding, lovies, anything I could think of. Swept cobwebs from corners also. Dusted and vacuumed. My house has to be the dustiest house on earth!!!

Girls were finished early at school today so I picked them up at lunch time. In the midst of home school and lunch. We are way off schedule since the flu hit our home.

We worked on Classical Conversations in the morning and Saxon Math in the afternoon. The little guys Samuel and Noah had penmanship homework at the kitchen table while I cooked.

I made brown rice, sautéed onions,steamed cabbage and carrots and reheated leftover cubed steak for dinner.

I drove David to basketball practice but Ronnie picked him up.

It was so warm today. I wore sort sleeve tee,blue jeans and flip-flops.

I am still having trouble trying to load photos from my Linux computer which I am currently typing from to this blog!!.. bummer!!

(Update: Saturday FEB19th, I have uploaded Flickr for Linux to my computer, it searches for photos and downloads them to my hard drive. I am slowing adding photos to my blog..yipee!!)

Diagnosis……Tamiflu to the rescue

So…… Noah has Influenza A  and a red-hot ear. He has had 2 doses of Tamiflu. Samuel is recovering from a mild case of the flu and Jesse  recovering from  double ear infections and sinus infections. The little  boys had a good night sleep with the phenergan cough syrup and singular. I don’t remember hearing a single cough after 930pm.

So far today I have spent the day disinfecting bedding,bathroom, living room and toys. The plan is to finish disinfecting the kitchen this afternoon and do some baking.  I have several spent bananas waiting to be made into banana chocolate chip muffins! {{{{{{{YUM}}}}}}}

Last night ,before bed,I fried cubed steak and put it into my small crockpot with gravy. Today I am making seasoned brown rice and may saute or stir fry cabbage, garlic and onions to go with it.

This will be my third week missing my small group meeting. They have plans to eat dinner at a restaurant. Sounds like fun but not currently in our budget. I know they will have fun!

I am still trying to figure out how to upload my photos here from linux?

Sick Little Boys

Noah has had a very high fever the past 24 hours. I have been giving him acetaminophen and Children’s Motrin around the clock.There is something going around at his preschool. Jesse had the ear infection and sinus infection for 2 weeks and has almost finished his antibiotic. I’m getting his ears checked. Samuel is getting his cough checked. I giving the boys lunch now and re checking diaper bag and loading stuff in the van.

Oh Joy!

Lovely Sun Day

Nice warm but windy Sunday. I have taken the little boys out to play. First time in weeks with all the sickness we have had. Everyone we know has been really sick with something or another lately. It is like a mini epidemic. Jesse and I have been on antibiotics for over a week or so for severe double ear infections and sinus infection.

I so appreciate my deck. We put the dogs in our kennel. Kids on the trampoline and I sat down to enjoy my coffee. Ah Heaven!!

Watching my boys. If I could bottle their energy, I would take it and join them.

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