Babbling about PPD

I am struggling greatly with postpartum depression. I feel as if I need some rest and mothering right now. I haven’t had a break since I had the baby, except when I was in the hospital.
I feel because I was so ill this pregnancy and stayed home A LOT, that I have been forgotten. I rarely attended church and haven’t gone to small group.
I can’t emotionally deal with other people’s issues and some questioning.
Someone told someone that I left my church and attend another church. I find it crazy how little rumors start and run rampant.
I know that I need to be surrounded by positive godly people until I heal from inside out.
I always have such a hard time after having my babies. I know it’s just a season.
I have some great children and I am so thankful for ALL of them!

Tomorrow is a new day!
This is the day The Lord hath made!
I will rejoice and be glad in it!


One thought on “Babbling about PPD

  1. Well you look fantastic Angie!! I am sure you need the rest especially if this little cutie is up at night needing to nurse and trying to keep up during the day time with your family is not easy. It is amazing that people have nothing better to do than to start a rumor than to make a phone call to see how one is doing! This time it took me a year to get back into really being social at church, I just didn’t feel like I was ready to leave Thomas with anyone until he was on solid foods and didn’t want to deal with bringing him in where there were meetings, I was a baby hog and wanted him to myself 🙂 Thankfully we have the Lord and the truth of His word that we can soak up here and there if only a scripture at a time. Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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