Babbling about PPD

I am struggling greatly with postpartum depression. I feel as if I need some rest and mothering right now. I haven’t had a break since I had the baby, except when I was in the hospital.
I feel because I was so ill this pregnancy and stayed home A LOT, that I have been forgotten. I rarely attended church and haven’t gone to small group.
I can’t emotionally deal with other people’s issues and some questioning.
Someone told someone that I left my church and attend another church. I find it crazy how little rumors start and run rampant.
I know that I need to be surrounded by positive godly people until I heal from inside out.
I always have such a hard time after having my babies. I know it’s just a season.
I have some great children and I am so thankful for ALL of them!

Tomorrow is a new day!
This is the day The Lord hath made!
I will rejoice and be glad in it!