What am I Sowing? {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

The little boys and I have given lots of thought to our small garden this year. I bought some really cheap seeds and really cheap dirt to start our seedlings inside early. We have read lots about spacing, sun, watering and what plants to plant near what to keep away bugs or encourage growth.

God has really been speaking to my heart on this; through our little seeding, planting and harvesting study; about my children.  What am I sowing?  Do I feed  it properly, am I nurturing properly, am I giving the proper amount of warmth, space, pruning.

Raising plants and children are not easy jobs. Both are very rewarding if done properly. Both require lots of time and energy, both physically and mentally. God can and will bless efforts of both.

I will reap what I have sown. Good bad and ugly.

Being chronically ill, I have to watch my attitude. I set the tone of my home. I can not take anything personally. I must constantly remember and think about what I am saying and doing and how it will affect how my children see God.

I want to reap a large harvest of family and friends in heaven! I’d also love to have lots to eat this spring, summer and fall 🙂

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