right now I am:

happy I finished working on our taxes. Although I still need to complete our daughters. Turbotax makes it really simple. I done them for decades without them. It’s so much easier.

itchy and sneezy and a few of the 7 dwarfs 🙂 . I love spring and the warmth sans humidity. The green and the sun. My body goes crazy over all of the pollen. I’m an itchy, wheezy happy mess!

stoked the toddler played so hard outside today. He’s covered in dirt head to toe. He wiped out a few times running. My back yard has more grass than the front, but it’s still rather bare and dusty currently.

enjoying a cup of hot coffee. AHHH. Yes it’s been rather warm outside. When it get’s really hot, my coffee will be iced coffee. I do coffee year round!

thankful. The Kidney Foundation will be making a pickup at my house in a week. My living room is overloaded with bags and boxes from my 40 bags in 40 days challenge. I have A LOT to give away. I have become a diehard minimalist and have been working as much as possible to thin out my house.


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