A new day

I awakened this morning determined to be positive. I took the girls to school, came home long enough to have a bowl of oatmeal, returned to pick up the girls, took Kayla to work, returned the rental after I filled the gas tank. Cooked some dinner, took Kara to work but had to take Kayla’s car, my van started but cut of then started but battery light came on. Returned home to finish cooking dinner. Picked up Kayla after she called to tell me she was done at work. Had to explain why I was driving her car and when the van would be fixed. Worked more on dinner, had the boys eat, load the dishwasher and cleaned kitchen. I had planned to make cupcakes but did not.
I picked up Kara at 11. Then we stopped and grabbed few things at Bi-Lo. I came home, and told boys to sweep floor and go to bed. So I am typing my day on my phone before falling asleep.




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