I’m still here

I miss blogging. I can not totally blame my lack of blogging on my new baby or lack of sleep. I have been on my private Facebook page a lot uploading pictures and updating statuses. John is doing rather well and becoming a “juicy” baby.



Poor fellow is quite fearful of flash photography!

With every birth and miscarriages I have suffered with postpartum depression. I tend to withdraw and not want to talk to anyone. I usually think I am whiny and negative. I can’t stand that type of behavior especially in a grown woman.

I decided yesterday that I want to begin documenting life again. If I am disgusted by my posts I can always delete them.

This past week has been overwhelmingly busy with sending oldest two back to college. Then haven’t my fridge go out and losing lots of food from it and having some milk explode. we lost power a few days later, due to some thunderstorms. My van broke down Friday. It was a belt that broke and had to be replaced along with the water pump. John has reflux pretty bad and this was a rough week for him. The pediatric gastroenterologist added another medicine to the one he is taking already. My almost 3 month old baby is 15 pounds and 25 inches long! 

We start Classical Conversations again in one week. 

We have had a summer of birthdays beginning with Jon’s on May 16, Jesse May 21, Ronnie May 26, David June 16, Noah July 2, Mine July 3, the girls July 24. Busy Busy Busy! 



I am tutoring this fall so I will update weekly our Classical Conversations blog.

My eldest son graduates homeschool high school this year, so it is a busy year!

Maybe I’ll update more another time.


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