Random Rambled Musings:

On Sunday Night we had rain, sleet, and then snow.  It was an interesting night considering we just had summer-ish weather just a few days prior.

I think our cat Kiki may be on her last life. She had disappeared for about 4 days. This is a big deal, Kiki was a little pig and never missed a meal. She came home, very thin, sickly looking and quiet. She barely eats and is sleeping a lot. She is well hydrated. Kiki, normally a “chatty” cat, has been really quiet. I am not quite sure what to think about her right now.

She is 8 years old and was given to us shortly, like a week after, I birthed Samuel.

I have an overwhelming case of the “sleepies” lately. I don’t know if it is normal late pregnancy tiredness or if something is wrong, if I am missing a much-needed vitamin or need more iron or what?

I crave a date with my husband. He has been blessed with some much-needed overtime lately. We needed the money so it is right on time. It has also cause a sacrifice of us time. So I miss him. We need to reconnect soon. Preferably before baby is born.

Almost daily, I secretly wish for someone to come help me sort through my home and cart things off to GoodWill or Kidney Foundation. I also secretly hope for premade meals about once per week, especially on my super exhausted days.

I  don’t like to complain, but I really need help these last months of pregnancy. I feel people who fail to help or tell me about how I got myself into this, simply lack compassion, it should not matter which number your baby is, as to whether you deserve help or not.

Confession: I REALLY needed our break from Classical Conversations this week to sleep in and regroup! Although, I terribly miss everyone!

Random thought:

It is easy to think grander of yourself than you ought, especially when your standard of comparison is mediocre.