My “Short” To Do List:

I am overwhelmed with our schedule at this time and our numerous deadlines.

I am going to try to keep track of things here out in the open unashamed and accountable. I can not even remotely keep up right now. I ask God for help daily. I am just plain tired. I could curl up in a ball and hibernate till baby is born. My husband is up at 5am for work 5 to 6 days a week lately. I am picking girls up from work or night classes at 10pm or later 3-4 nights per week. Kayla works anywhere from 2-4 days per week. Kara is working on her c.n.a. classes for nursing school. She is in class two nights per week and every other Saturday during the day. David has two more Physical Therapy sessions left. Two hours for two days per week.

1. Paperwork for Classical Conversations. I am supposed to teach Challenge this fall and I have not completed my paperwork. It is due Tuesday. I also need to finish paperwork signing the boys up and put down deposit to hold their spots.  Done

2. File our taxes, both Kayla’s and our’s. We owe her money for getting our brakes fixed and we need money for CC.

3. Need to print and send current bank statements, copy of past two pay stubs, and certificate of completed online class about budgeting to lawyer. Stopping foreclosure, we missed too many payments when Darling wasn’t working, an although we can make current payments, we haven’t been able to catch up with the older ones. The lawyer said since the house payment is our only debt, it is a shame that we couldn’t somehow borrow or raise money through a fundraiser to prevent doing a chapter 13.  I was originally broken-hearted at the thought of it. Now I am just happy to save our home of 16 years.DONE

I realize that in our state of economy and all  of the jobs that are being eliminated, we are so blessed to be where we are at.  Blessed to live below our means for so many years so we could live without income for so long. God really took car of us. Not saying we haven’t struggled or felt things, but I have seen through others, that it can and has been much worst for others.

4.Received paper’s again from the bank for home loan modification. I will fill those out again for the umpteenth time. FedEx back to bank and hope THIS time the proper person receives them and finally get working on it. DONE

5. Get boys to load my 5 bags and 6 boxes into my van from the 40 Bags in 40 days Challenge. Got started and couldn’t stop!Done

6. Did not work on boys home school schedule. Spent all day trying to catch up on laundry and I am still a few loads behind. Sit down and work on this weeks work schedule. Monday will be  a review. A few color sheets about the Orchestra, math flash cards, Latin Game with flash cards and review of CC memory work. Work on presentations for Tuesday also. DONE

7. Go through Rubbermaid containers and see what shape my cloth diapers are in and if I even have them or if I gifted them awayDONE. I need more newborn diaper covers. I have a pretty good stack of prefold diapers and small covers.

8. Get boys to move kitchen table to living room and other table into kitchen. DONE

9. Move computer and printer to now cleaned off desk in living room. DONE

10. Get boys to move sofa to a different wall DONE

11. Put extra table leaves under sofa DONE

12. Get a son to sweep the walls. they are really dusty. DONE

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