Monday Monday, I feel all …..”Ick” inside:

Oh boy what an interesting way to start my day. After dropping my girls off at school this morning(Local Community College), I stopped into BiLo.It is almost walking distance from my home.

While in the store ,checking out, a huge commotion began. Some one called a code of some sorts over the P.A./Loud speaker system. Every male worker in the store came running out. Fingers were pointed in a certain direction, all of them ran in that direction.  A young 20 something tall, 6 foot 4 ish black male came running out of a grocery aisle. He tossed what appeared to be some kind of alcohol bottle, which shattered into only God knows how many pieces, and he also tossed what appeared to be packs of red meat. He ran towards an empty cash register aisle, then started walking towards the exit.

He promptly exited the store, looking back every few seconds. Time stopped for everyone during this incident. ALL eyes were glued on the commotion.  I was told that the same fellow had successfully stolen from the store 2 weeks ago, but his last 2 attempts have been thwarted.  I said, I believe a better plan to catch him is needed  and maybe an on call cop.

I have been WIDE awake all day today from the adrenaline.

I only have a few words for this young male….

Find a JOB, a Real job anywhere! Pay for what you want!

I was saddened by my immediate thoughts…my mind raced…he is dressed like a typical thug. What does that mean. Am I prejudice for not wanting to be near young guys who wear long braids, gold teeth and pants that looks a few sizes too small that hang way down their derriere?  We have neighborhood watch. This guy reinforces more of a stereotype of a person who I would call the cops and say someone strange is wandering through our neighborhood looking suspicious.

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