SonSurf Beach Bash VBS

Yesterday,Sunday, began our week of Vacation Bible school at our church. Resurrection Church. Sam and Noah went and the girls teach there. Jesse wanted to go but he still has mishaps in the potty department so he has to wait till next year to go. Tonight was dress up in blue night. Noah won a prize. I failed to get a picture of him, he came home a bit wet from jumping in water, and changed his clothes lickety split! The girls brought Jess some crafts home and worked on it with him. He was pretty sad about not being allowed to go to VBS.

Tomorrow night is coloring contest. The boys brought home coloring sheets to work on. Winners will get PRIZES!!! So the boys are excited.

2 thoughts on “SonSurf Beach Bash VBS

  1. That’s sweet that the girls brought home something to work on with Jesse. VBS is so much fun!


    1. It totally made his day! He was sad, feeling a bit left behind by the bigger littles. Now he proudly walking around in his special sunglasses sissy helped him make.


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