Charles Camp

Friday July 15th I attended the funeral of my favorite Uncle. He was a very quiet man. He was also very smart. Uncle Charles could make and build anything. He was frequently working on projects. He had a small home business for many years. He built the room that he operated his business from. When he no longer had the business he converted that room into a laundry room himself, move plumbing and everything.

I joyfully remember many summers that he took my sister,his daughter and I golfing with him. He also enrolled us in golf camp.I enjoyed playing golf with him. My parents were not interested in golf. It was something  special  we got to do with Uncle Charles only. My cousin, his only daughter, still enjoys golf to this day. I would play if it wasn’t such an expensive sport. There are the clubs and either country club memberships, or the weekly golf fees. I miss golf, it was a game of science and the mind as much as physical.

My quiet,calm, and  smart uncle will be sorely missed.

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