Sunday was my birthday. As a gift to me my daughter Kayla got everyone up and we went to church on time. Ronnie and the 2 littles stayed home. Kayla baked me some gluten-free cupcakes.

My Gluten-free vanilla cupcakes

My Birthday prayer, not wish… for my husband Ronnie to obtain full time employment and make enough money that we can have a savings account again.

Also something that may sound trivial, I would love to spend a week at the beach. I can not remember the last time we took a family vacation away from home.

2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Thank You Melissa. Some days the thought of being at the beach or even mountains is overwhelming. We need a brief visit away from home. A cousin wants us to visit her and her family.
    They don’t live too far from the beach. My Little’s have never been to the beach. The oldest little is 7 Sam, Noah is 5 and Jesse is 3. So it’s been at least 8 years since our last beach visit.


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