Happy Independence Day!!

Mom's Tablecloth

We, the children and I spent the afternoon and evening at my parents home. They grilled hamburgers,ribs;beef and pork,beef hotdogs, and huge steaks that were marinated overnight in some delectable marinade. Sides were slaw,salad,potato salad,pinto beans, and some really fresh collard greens.Desserts were brownies with walnuts and peach cobbler. Beverages offered were water,classic coke,diet pepsi,diet cherry pepsi, organic lemonade and cranberry juice.

Noah Running off dessert?
My Mom's Shoes and Purse :o)
Grandma gave markers and scrap paper. OOH FUN!!
Close up of mom's shoes.
Table discussions, after dinner

Grandpa has to quiz the children to make sure they know the meaning of Independence Day, why it was so important. Why we want freedom. Do we understand the difference between the British monarchy and our Democracy.

WE returned home by 9pm. Then watched fireworks from our neighbors. We could also see some of the ones sponsored by Presbyterian Hospital Downtown at the Memorial Stadium(Grady Cole Center).

We retired to bed way to late for my taste.

It was a fun day nevertheless.


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