Sunday Afternoon Antics:

I am having a time getting anything done between the overwhelming nausea and the back contractions. I feel as if my spine will split down the middle in two with every contraction. Getting a bit tired because I am not sure if I need to be doing something to help baby rotate his spine away from mine or if I should walk more or what. Seriously lacking wisdom today.

I don’t think I am in labor because I can lay down and go to sleep for a few hours and only awakened by maybe one contraction.

I need to go get groceries and return to manic cleaning. I may even drop into the laundromat to do a load of dirty clothes so they do not pile up.

No labor yet, having “twinges”…

I’m having “twinges” that are somewhat regular but I don’t think it is labor. Not yet anyways 🙂

So I am cooking right now. Then I will shampoo my hair, it is quite unruly at present.

I plan to vacuum the living room and clean my room.

Then I will go re-pack my bags and check my list.

I don’t think I have enough food in my refrigerator to leave those at home while I go away for a couple of days when labor is really here. I need another day before I really labor.

Maybe a trip to the grocery store for a few more easy stuff. I may if I have time try to toss together baked chicken casserole with dressing and cream of something soup in it.  Maybe grab a few more loaves of bread and butter. I already bought milk Friday because the boys have been flying through chocolate milk, well….. milk period… Lately!