Working Through My Thoughts and Slightly Rambled Musings

I’ve been following this latest Novel Coronavirus for quite a while now. I understand that I think very differently, especially having a medical background, as a registered nurse, my mind and thought processes are in a different place on these matters.

From a medical standpoint, when you have a supposed threat of a highly contagious disease, first thing you do is quarantine and isolate the disease. Many people will complain because of the inconvenience and the isolation, especially when one is currently feeling well. Frankly, those who have been exposed to an area,, having positive test results for the COVID-19 and anyone showing signs and symptoms of disease, MUST BE QUARANTINED.

We have a media and government, President Trump being an exception, who feels quarantines and isolations are xenophobic and racist.

Many people have been allowed to come into America via NYC sans screening. No temperature checks, screenings or ANYTHING. Because many do not want to talk about the contagiousness of the disease or where those who were exposed have traveled, we may or may not know who has or has not been exposed to the COVID-19. The only thing I do know is President Trump seems to be the only one with at least the right idea, building a wall so we have a safe border, and refusing entrance from China and any area testing positive in high numbers. Not many are prepared to implement President Trump’s plan, some due to lack of mass training with quarantines, and their failure of basic health checks with travelers. Because of their incompetence, I’m feeling our government, barring President Trump, wants us to become infected with this nuisance of a virus.

I believe people need to implement proper hand washing and other sanitation practices, eat well and avoid crowds until this is over. Maybe people should also stock up on foods just in case you need to quarantine yourself and can not leave or get groceries for a month or so.

Something is off and my gut doesn’t like it, but I can’t seem to pin my thoughts down on the issue. We do know the virus is airborne like a cold/ flu virus. Some say its mutating. It really seems to be copying a similar movie( I’m not advertising or listing it’s name).

I don’t know the exact lies, but I do know we are being lied to. There are many incompetent people in the medical profession and many who are traveling who are lying and simply not doing their job.

I found this video in particular unsettling.

Did they warn us of their plans?

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and we are not really wanting to notice what occurs in our faces for fear of being labelled a conspiracy theorist. Some lies are so obvious, even when you don’t know the exact truth. You sense and feel the lies.

COVID-19 Updates

I am beyond grateful to NOT have HLC as president currently!

I know things could be much more worse and totally unbearable. I am not in fear or panic but I’m also prepared. I’m glad the President does not want mass panic, emotional people do crazy things. I know stocks are dropping but feel they WILL rebound in a month or 2 when the Coronavirus will naturally dissipate. We need to manufacture all of our stuff again especially vital medications. China is rationing mask and gloves!!!

We should NEVER have China making all of our pharmaceuticals or ANY for that matter!

OKay …here it is….

With all of the false attacks coming at President Trump, I can’t help but see this as another attack. The lies, the incompetence of supposed professionals, have force me to find their odd behaviors and lies suspect and I don’t believe them any more than I would believe China!

WASH WASH WASH your hands well and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE, especially in public!

May we all be well and make it through this time!

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